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Foods and Workout For Building Lean Muscles

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building lean muscles

Building lean muscles can be quite challenging. There are many ways that you can achieve this, but the process usually entails hard work, patience, commitment and knowing the best approach that will suit your needs. Getting a ripped muscle can boost your self esteem and confidence. It is not going to be easy, but it is doable and many have already succeeded. Here are two natural ways by which you can build lean muscles with less risks and injuries.

Build lean muscle with foods

There are certain foods that can help you build lean muscles. Eating them will support the effects of your workout by giving your muscle cells the nutrition they need for better muscle building activities.

  • Brown rice

Brown rice is a good alternative for white rice in giving your body a boost of energy throughout the day. It can also hasten the activity of your growth hormones that are essential in promoting lean muscle formation, fat loss and strength buildup during workouts.

  • Beets

Beets contain nitrates that enhance muscle performance during exercise. It comes with energy boosting components that reduce the demand for oxygen during workouts, thereby allowing the muscles to build strength better with a better stimulus for hypertrophy based resistance workout.

  • Quinoa

High in protein, quinoa contains a slow digesting carbohydrate that increases the level of IGF 1, an insulin like growth factor that is critical in building muscle strengths and lean muscle gain.

  • Chocolate milk

Drinking a glass of chocolate milk after a workout session will re-synthesize muscle glycogen that will encourage growth of muscles by promoting muscle and protein synthesis within the molecular level.

  • Apples

The polyphenols content in apples gives the body a boost of strength that allows you to sustain longer workouts and avoid muscle fatigue. Polyphenols also increase the fat burning process, allowing the body to burn more fats and build more muscle fibers instead.

Build lean muscle with a safe workout

  • Progressive resistance training

When doing some resistance training, it is important to know that your body adapts to the level of resistance that is being applied to it. Make sure to do a progressive training for your muscle and challenge its strength gradually to help build up more muscles. Instead of doing the same muscle resistance training regimen, apply some varieties to your regimen, such as doing lower repetition workouts and then higher repetition sets for your strength and endurance training block. This variation will help stimulate your muscle cells.

  • Include a cardio workout

This type of workout will increase the blood flow to the muscles. It promotes better tissue healing and help in the recovery of muscle fatigue. When the muscle tissues heal faster, the quicker it builds muscles. Cardio workout, whether high or low intensity, can always help build leaner muscles.

  • Build more muscle gradually, but consistently

You need not have to overdo your workout just to build your muscles. It is important to be consistent, though. A common mistake is to engage in a high intensity workout that can result in muscle injury. It is best to work on building your muscles gradually, but make sure to do your workout regularly. You will gradually build your muscle tone and eventually grow the muscle fibers to make your muscles look leaner, fuller and stronger.

  • Coordinate your muscle activities

As you perform your workout, you will understand that your muscles respond based on the type of exercise you want to perform. Slow twitch fibers are perfect for workouts designed for endurance, while the fast twitch fibers are active for burst of activities that require strong energy. As you learn how to use these muscles for your weight training and muscle exercise, you can control to what extent you want to perform a particular exercise to build muscles. You need not over stress the body during your exercise to bring your muscles to its limit.  Well coordinated exercise will help you build muscles gradually with less injuries.

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