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Most of us take our eyes for granted, but about 95% of our daily activities use the sense of vision that makes proper eye...

Original infographic can be found here : How to stop snoring  Infographic is provided in courtesy of PositiveHealthWellness.com  
Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming The term "lucid dream" was first used by Dutch psychiatrist Frederik Willem van Eeden. One begins to doubt reality whenever one encounters...

It is possible to overcome binge eating with two types of strategies-long-term strategies and short-term strategies. Let's find out how you can stop your...
Can Cocoa Flavanols Treat Heart Disease?

Chocolate fanatics out there, rejoice, because recent studies have shown that compounds present in cocoa, commonly known as flavanols might benefit cardiovascular health. A...

Hives (Utricaria) Hives are one kind of skin reaction that results in red or white welts which are itchy. The welts in this case can...
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Stomach gurgling

Have you ever been embarrassed by unusual weird sounds coming out of your belly while being a part of a gathering? This is nothing...
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It is not a secret that you have to do proper when doing any physical activity. When it comes to working out, proper breathing helps...
Cancerous Cell - Cancer

New Drug Found Effective Against Different Cancer Types Researchers at The Institute of Cancer Research in London have discoverd a new drug which may represent a breakthrough cancer...
tai chi

The slow and gentle movements of Tai Chi hold promise as an alternative exercise option for patients who decline traditional cardiac rehabilitation, according to...
fear of the dentist

Many people are anxious about seeing their dentist. No-one particularly likes sitting in the dentist’s chair and getting treatment,...
scarlet fever

Scarlet Fever - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment General Scarlet fever is an infectious disease common to children under the age of 10. Studies show that...

One in every three adults in the United States suffer from metabolic syndrome – a condition that is characterized by at least three of...
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