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Ideas to Deal with Pre-wedding Stress and Anxiety

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Pre-wedding stress and anxiety are common in almost every couple. Not only the bride and groom but also their mothers struggle with anxiety regularly. Keep it in mind that weddings are about displaying the tastes and values of your family. In this situation, pre-wedding pressure and anxiety can't be avoided. If you and your mother suffer from pre-wedding anxiety, here are some tips for both of you to manage it.

Start with Mother's Wedding Dress

However, the bride is the center of attention on the day of the wedding, but you can't ignore the preparations of your mother. Instead of delaying her wedding and dinner day dress, make sure to check the collection of the mother of the bride dresses in advance. Your mother should have sufficient time to get her outfit altered.

Ask her to start a beauty routine almost 4 to 6 months before the wedding. You both can work together for your wedding looks. Make sure to go shopping and salon together. It will be an excellent opportunity for both of you to spend some (mother/daughter) quality time.

Hire Professionals for Help

You can't wait until the last minute to select the accessories and hairstyle for your wedding. Similar to bridesmaids and bride, you have to plan her looks in advance. By figuring out all the details, you can make your mom relaxed. If your mother needs a plus size dress, it can make her apprehensive.

There is nothing to worry because plus size mother of the bride dresses is available for your help. You have to complete this work at least one month before the wedding. Ask your mother if she needs the assistance of a professional makeup artist. You may get packages from makeup artists that include the moms, the bride, and her attendants.

Yoga Class or Spa Day to Get Rid of Anxiety

You and your mother need to be relaxed during wedding preparations. Feel free to book a spa or massage day, take yoga classes or bring your mom with you for a morning walk. With these activities, you can keep your mother calm. Make sure to show some understanding and empathy if she is taking the stress. It will help you to increase the fun, happiness, and excitement of your wedding day.

Anticipate Moments of Anxiety

On your big day, you can anticipate anxiety on different moments. You have to prepare yourself for these moments. For instance, a room full of guests on the day of the wedding can increase your anxiety. You may find it difficult to dance on your wedding day. Nervousness is natural before your wedding speech. Try to prepare yourself for these situations. You can rehearse your first wedding dance with your groom in your wedding gown and heals. Moreover, practice your wedding speech in front of a mirror, family members and friends. In this way, you can ditch anxiety on your wedding day.

Make sure to avoid comparisons because this unnecessary habit can destroy your happiness. Avoid comparing your wedding with anyone else's wedding day. If one of your relatives try to compare your wedding with your cousin's wedding, try to change the subject or tune her away.