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5 Signs It’s Time for a New Healthcare Job

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Are you feeling unhappy at your healthcare job, but not sure what to do about it?

Americans spend 2080 hours per year at work. Being unhappy for 2080 hours per year can really take a toll on one's life.

But, you loved your job at one point and found it rewarding. So how do you tell if you're just in a slump or that it's time to move on?

Keep reading to learn the five signs it's time for a new healthcare job.

1. You're Unhappy

This one isn't rocket science. Often the best way to decide if you need a new healthcare job is to tap into your own feelings.

Do you go to bed Sunday night with a huge pit in your stomach thinking about the prospect of going to work in the morning? Do you feel unhappy, depressed, distressed, or mistreated the majority of the time at your job? Do you fantasize about doing something different every day?

Don't feel guilty or try to deny these feelings. You don't need to lose your sense of self to be gainfully employed.

2.  You Complain Constantly To Friends and Family

Think about the conversations you've had during family dinners and with friends and family over the past several weeks.

Did they involve you talking about an exciting thing that happened at work or an important lesson learned? Or does the conversation begin and end with your lamenting complaints about your job?

If it's the latter, you may want to start looking elsewhere.

3. Your Company Seems Sketchy

Are there things that go on at your job that are constantly making you raise your eyebrows?

There are a lot of regulations and health codes healthcare companies need to keep up with. If these aren't being met, you could be at risk of losing your healthcare license.

If you suspect any of the following is going on, it's time to get out:

  • Fraud
  • Patient abuse
  • Disregard for patient safety
  • You're asked to work beyond your scope of practice/notice others doing this
  • Patient care seems disorganized

4. Decreased Passion and Increased Boredom

Remember that rewarding feeling you used to get after helping a patient? Has that gone out the window?

Do you find yourself more excited about the prospect of checking your phone than engaging in your work?

This could be for several reasons, but in the healthcare field, one of the most common ones is burnout. Burnout is rampant in the healthcare industry. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the Mayo Clinic, it was found that 40 percent of physicians displayed at least one symptom of burnout.

Sometimes, this burnout means you're ready for a new career altogether. But oftentimes, it may mean you just need to be working in a different type of healthcare environment that is more stimulating to you.

If you have no idea where to look for such a change in environment, you can often find the best healthcare jobs on recruiting sites.

5. Your Physical Health Has Been Disrupted

Oftentimes, those in the healthcare field are great at noticing changes in physical health with their patients, but terrible at noticing them in their own lives.

Here are some physical signs to look out for:

  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Suppressed appetite or eating more than usual
  • Frequent colds or headaches
  • Feeling tired all the time and low energy

If you are feeling stressed about your job and are noticing any of these physical symptoms, it may be time for a new healthcare job.

There's no reason to be in a job that's not the right fit, when there are so many healthcare jobs out there! According to the BLS, the healthcare field is supposed to grow 18 percent from 2016 to 2026. The perfect job is out there for you, so start looking today!