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Good Reasons & Benefits to Stop Smoking Marijuana

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Many people think that smoking marijuana is harmless and non addictive. However, people who have been smoking it know that none of this is true. When you stop smoking marijuana, there are so many benefits of quitting smoking weed that you can get from stopping this habit. Let’s find out what are the reasons and benefit to stop smoking marijuana.

Weed is killing you softly

Whether you’ve noticed this on not and whether you believe it or not, it is not harmless. When you smoke marijuana, it increases your risk of heart failure, respiratory problems and stroke. Such respiratory problems may include lung infections. Researchers have found that if you continue smoking weed for a long time, the possibility of heart and liver diseases and testicular cancer increases. Mariana raises your blood pressure and also increases your heart rate. When that happens, the ability of your heart to carry oxygen to different parts of your body decreases significantly.

Future problems

Several studies have found that there are significant links between Marijuana use and lower income, greater chance of welfare dependency, higher unemployment and less satisfaction with life. If you are addicted to marijuana, you will not be able to do your work properly and that will mean that you will not be able to hold onto that job. You’ll be late or absent more often. You’ll be less effective and dangerous on-the-job. Marijuana one can cause industrial accidents, personal injury and the numbers are really high. If the type of life is okay for you, then there is no problem you can continue smoking marijuana, but if you want a decent life, you will lead to change a habit of smoking marijuana.

Save your brain

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) permanently alerts cognitive functioning of your brain. Researchers with the help of neuroimaging have found that it can cause irreparable damage to the hippocampus of your brain. Hippocampus is very important for you because it controls memory, emotion and learning.


If you have been smoking for some time, there may be disruption in the reward system of your brain. Scientists have discovered that chronic smokers often have that problem. Whenever such people are other similar objects which are used for smoking weed, increased activity in their brain’s reward system is often seen. The same people, when shown images of healthy food and natural rewards, there are brain’s reward system showed less activity. So, Mariana disrupts the natural reward circuitry of the brain. Doing so, it makes Mariana highly important for people who use it heavily.

Get rid of depression

According to scientists depression is the most common mental illness among young adults and it is more common in women. Even though smoking marijuana may not directly cause depression but there is a very strong relationship. When you reduce marijuana use, depressive symptoms also reduce. If you are depressed and your smoking marijuana because of that, you will become dependent on marijuana and after some time, it will become only a diversion tactic. On the other hand, when you stop smoking marijuana, you will look for healthier ways which will help you to cope with stress and sadness. Such ways will also increase your satisfaction with life which is exactly opposite of what people experience when the smoke marijuana.


Instead of losing your life in the green haze, and becoming addicts to marijuana, why not find the great meaning that life has. Why not find your life and create a happy and satisfied life for yourself so that you can enjoy each and every moment of your life.





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