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Ways to Use Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal

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Kratom is one of the best remedies for opiate withdrawal. I learned about the use of Kratom from my one of my patients who had used it to counter methadone. However, this was a surprise to me because I underwent several years of opiate withdrawal and I never heard anyone mention kratom. The patient went ahead to tell me that kratom helped her to to reduce 80 percent of methadone withdrawal symptoms. I was quite fascinated about everything and decided to learn more about kratom. Being a substance abuse counselor for opiate, I had to research about it so that I could recommend kratom to others.


I started my research and found out amazing information about kratom. Kratom is not an opiate. The best thing is that it can naturally ease opiate withdrawal symptoms. You may ask yourself, what is kratom used for? Kratom has the same effects as oxycodone, morphine, hydrocodone, and heroine. Other medications that opiate withdrawal cravings include methadone, subutex, and suboxone.


Experience with Kratom

It was hard but I finally gained courage to try kratom for investigative purposes. I did not use kratom to ease pain, get high or to ease opiate withdrawal symptoms. I just wanted to understand its effects before letting the world know my findings. I first tried Maeng Da kratom which was quite challenging. I also tried different dosages and strains to find the perfect remedy for opiate withdrawal. I was also cautious not to become an addict. I did my experiments and came up with a plan that I will discuss below.


Best Kratom Strain for Opiate Withdrawal

According to me, Classic Red Bali (Red Indo Kratom)is the best train for opiate withdrawal. Red Indo Kratom is a powerful sedative and is strong painkiller. These two qualities are highly desirable when it comes to opiate withdrawal. Stimulating strains of Kratom are not effective for opiate withdrawal. All kratom strains are good for opiate withdrawal but Classic Red Bali remains my best choice because it relieves symptoms to the greatest extent.


Kratom Dosage for Opiate Withdrawal

At low doses (3 to 7 grams) kratom brings mood-enhancing and stimulating effects. Above 8 grams, kratom has painkilling and sedating effects. After I experimented with different strains and dosages, I discovered that 9-10 grams works the best for opiate withdrawal because it perfectly stimulates mu-opioid receptors. 9-10 grams of Red Indo Kratom with provide you with sedation and euphoria similar to that produced by opiates.


How to Successfully Use Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal

The first step is to go shopping. Some of the things that you should buy include 20 grapefruits, 8 ounces of Red Indo Kratom, and a digital scale. The 8 ounces of kratom should take you through recovery. You will use grape fruits to mix the bitter kratom.


The next step is to stop using opiates. If you are highly addictive, you can decrease the amount you take for some time. This is a less shock for your body and will help you to prepare to live without it. Use the least dose of kratom to alleviate opiate withdrawal. After 7 to 14 days, stop taking kratom to avoid addiction.


Before you come off opiates, take calm support seven days earlier.Take 2 to 4 calm support each day in the morning. Always ensure that your stomach is empty before taking calm support pills and kratom for quick absorption. After you have stopped taking kratom, take 3-6 calm support pills to restore the brain functioning. Other helpful tips include taking a lot of water, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Reduce the intake of nicotine, caffeine, carbs, and proteins.

Following this plan, you should recover from opiate withdrawal within a short time.