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The Best Drug Treatment Facilities available

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Addiction to anything is bad and some can be lethal too.

Many doctors spoke to us regarding the reasons, various types of addiction and how to avoid them.

Once you are addicted to anything; gaming, drugs, alcohol, killing and many more such activities; it is quite hard to come out of it.

However, there are many ways to suppress the chemical tendency through programs, self-healing, drug treatment facilities and other ways.

One of the substance abuse recovery expert, Dr. Tarugu spoke to us about treatment facilities and programs which help these addicts to recover and avoid relapse after recovery.

We were informed by this excellent expert that every facility has different methods to help in recovery from substance abuse.

How well the treatment works and the patient respond to them, is what matters the most.  

Looking at the amenities and facilities provided by these Drug rehab centers, we will need to know how well the system works.

Different facilities have adifferent approach; however, there are some similarities found in all of them is what Dr. Tarugu has highlighted.


  • Preventing the substance abuse and post recovery assistance to avoid relapse
  • Improving overall physical condition of the patients
  • High success rate of recovery from substance abuse

All the facilities tend to work towards this goal and there are many types of facilities like private organizations, government drug recovery centers, non-profitable foundations with recovery centers and many more.

What makes the drug treatment center best is the big question we asked the expert doctor.

He answered, depending on the success rate, theseverity of addiction treated to a complete recovery, facilities etc., make the patient safe and comfortable.

All of these treatments are offered both physically and psychologically to the addicts.

Types of treatment

When it comes to treatment, there are two types based on the patients' condition.

A short-term and long-term treatment will be prescribed by the experts after a thorough assessment and analysis which every drug recovery center should concentrate on.

Various non-profit treatment programs are conducted by non-profitable foundations for homeless and aged adults with low income who are suffering from drug abuse.

We were informed that the private organizations, a few of them are expensive and not affordable to the general public; but, expensive doesn't define the quality of the treatment provided.

The patient maybe comfortable with all the luxury provided; however, the treatment may not be the at the same level as thegovernment drug recovery centers.

Non-profit treatment programs

Non-profit treatment programs are becoming a trend these days and are one of the ways of not exploiting or extorting money from drug abusers.

The advancement in medical history has its boons and curses; we need to concentrate on the boons to exploit the treatments and to make the society a better place to live.

A government-funded facility is a good place to start with for drug abuse recovery since it is a good place with decent treatment and the major reason for recovery will be the commit level from the addict and nothing else.

Coming to the treatment types, short-term treatment programs are intense.

Within a short span of time, you will undergo a rigorous set of treatments to obtain a quick result.

The normal time frame that you are looking at here would be 3 to 6 weeks.

However, it doesn't end there since you will have to follow up on a periodic basis with your consulting doctor to avoid relapse.

Long-term treatment programs

Long-term treatment programs are rather a slow and tedious yet necessary process.

The span of treatment will be as minimum as 6 months to a year with concepts like resocialization, psychological balance etc., to create a productive and healthy-drug free lifestyle.

Many facilities offer job employment training during the recovery phase to ensure that the post-recovery phase will be easy for the addict both physically and mentally.

The best facilities will offer a post-recovery assistance and the only reason this assistance is needed is to avoid a relapse.

After working towards a drug-free life for a year or in some cases years together, if the patient starts with the drug abuse again, all the hard work of the facility is down the drain.

When questioned, many facilities will certainly blame the patient for relapse due to various reasons.

However, it is not always the patient to be blamed, but facilities toare responsible under various circumstances.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of ways to find the best facility and rehab center for drug abuse recovery; however, at end of the day, it comes to the commitment level of the addict itself.

The conviction held by the addict defines the time required to recover, says Dr. Tarugu.