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12 Quick Tips to Get Beach-Ready Hair

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When you prepare for a day at the beach you know you will automatically expose your hair to sun, saltwater, sand, and humidity. The combined effect of all these elements can leave your hair dry and damaged. In this post, we intend to leave you with specific hair care tips to keep your locks protected from the damaging effects. Apart from having to keep your hair protected, at the beach is also the right place to flaunt your style and look your sexy best. Keeping that in mind, we will also list down some awesome style hacks to help you achieve great looking hair for your day in the sun. Without much ado, here're the best tips to get your hair ready for sun, surf, and sand.

Protect Your Hair Before You Hit the Water: If you decide to hit the waves on a surfboard or simply go for a swim, you need to take steps to protect your precious locks. A good oil-based hair care serum can stick to individual hair strands and protect them from the drying effects of salty water. Some hair care experts even advocate wetting your hair with fresh water before exposing it to the salty waters of the ocean.

Hair Spray for Added Sun Protection: The constant exposure to the UV rays of the sun can steal away the natural luster of your hair. Use a hair spray product that offers adequate SPF protection. If you have dyed hair, then this step is absolutely essential to protect the color from fading due to the prolonged sun exposure.

Nourish Your Hair with the Goodness of Coconut Oil: If you didn't know this already, coconut oil is a near-miracle ingredient that can help you nourish and hydrate your locks. Often used in moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, virgin coconut oil can be applied directly to the hair tips. People with excessively dry hair can apply generous amounts of oil from scalp to tip. Coconut oil treatments prepare your hair for the beach by leaving it healthy, shiny, and fragrant.

A Tightly Wrapped Hair Style Keeps the Moisture Locked In: If you have excessively dry hair then the ocean air can deal some serious damage to your hair. You need to take steps to keep your hair moisturized. The first step is to shampoo your hair using a conditioning shampoo and then apply a deep conditioner. To lock in the moisture, create a compact braided style or a bun. This will protect your hair from the dehydrating effects of a day at the beach.

Ditch the Dryer: Exposing your hair to high temperatures for the sake of quick drying severely compromises its health. This is especially true when you come home from the beach with wet hair. The best practice is to let the hair dry naturally.

Rinse off the Saltwater with Freshwater: After a dip in the ocean make sure to rinse off the sandy saltwater off your hair using freshwater. By doing so you prevent dirt and salt from sticking to your hair strands. Just unsnap a bottle of drinking water and use it to cleanse the hair from root to tip. Allow it to dry naturally till you get home and hop in a shower. This simple trick protects your hair from the abrasive effects of sand and dirt while reducing the chances of forming tough tangles.

Load Up on Healthy Fats: While this is definitely not a quick fix, this tip can help you get healthier hair in the long run. Eating healthy fats such as nuts and avocado allows your body to effectively replenish the fat reserves of each hair strand. Hair that's nourished has a better chance of holding up against the damaging sea air.

Head Scarf for Protection and Style: A sexy head scarf that matches your beachwear can not only spruce up your style but it can provide added protection against the sun and the moisture-stealing air. A patterned head scarf often goes nicely with a beach tank top or a solid colored beach dress. If head scarfs are not your style try donning a straw beach hat.

Long Braids for that Carefree Beach Look: Long wavy hair might claim the title of being the most quintessential beach style; braids are not far behind. Whether you choose a compact braided bun or a sexy ponytail braid, this twisty style can earn you some lookers at the beach.

Apply Homemade Spray to Get Beach Waves: Wavy hair for beaches will always be in style. The subtle waves give you that effortlessly sexy beach girl look. While a lot of people choose to go to parlors to get the wavy look, you can achieve similar results using a homemade sea salt spray. To make the solution you need to mix two cups of water with a teaspoon of coconut oil, and two teaspoons of sea salt. Simply put the mixture in a spray bottle and shake well. Apply the spray directly on your hair. Now, the key to success is to scrunch the hair after each spray. Keep on spraying and scrunching till you get the desired look.

Stay Clear of Harsh Styling Products: There are more than a few styling products out there that use harsh chemicals to deliver desired results. Chemical-laden hairsprays and styling gels often give your hair a weird texture when you are at the beach. Instead of styling products, apply generous amounts of conditioner to achieve that healthy shine. Choose products that use natural ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil, marula oil, peppermint oil, and others.

Re-Condition When You Come Back From The Beach: One of the most common mistakes is to try and force comb the dry frizzy hair you get after spending a day at the beach. The sea air and moisture often causes your hair to form tangles. The best way to deal with that is by applying a deep keratin conditioner from scalp to tip. This smoothes the hair and makes it much easier to comb through the tangles without causing any damage.