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Doctor Tipster is a team of highly experienced medical students with a passion for journalism dedicated to bringing you the latest Medical News and Research News from around the world. Our news section is updated daily to include the latest headlines.

We dedicate our education, training, knowledge and experience to provide you the highest standards of easy-to-follow medical articles.

Now meet the team that is struggling to get you informed and updated with the latest news headlines.

Andrei Riciu – Editor-in-Chief

Andrei is a 6th year medical student and founder of Doctor Tipster. He is passionate about the Internet and the health niche. Doctor Tipster is currently his full-time business. He dedicates his time keeping the site up and running and reading about the latest medical discoveries as soon as they are made public. He believes that everyone who is sick deserves the best possible medical treatment and wants to pursue a career in the Ophthalmology research field.

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Victor Smida – Senior Editor

Victor is a founding member of Doctor Tipster, a 6th year medical student passionate about medical devices and cancer research. He spends most of his time on the internet reading the latest cancer news, checking out forums and supporting cancer patients. Victor dreams that one day he will be surrounded by a team of fellow oncologists, surgeons, and basic science researchers, all working together toward the same goal – new treatment options and hopefully one day a cure for this disease. He believes that one of his life missions is to help make that possible.

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Alexandra Velcelean – Contributing Editor

Alexandra Velcelean is a 6th year medical student who loves kids and has a varied background working from birth through elementary aged children with a wide range of disabilities as a volunteer. Alexandra is self-directed learner, who is eager to work independently and very passionate about pediatrics. Although Doctor Tipster is her first writing job she writes some very compelling editorials.

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Cristian Mihon – Contributing Editor

Cristian is a 4th year medical student passionate about surgery, oncology and the World Wide Web. He is currently writing for Doctor Tipster having a quite impressive background experience gained working for several other health related online publications. He has also been working as a volunteer for the past years but now he dedicated his time bringing the latest medical news to DoctorTipster’s readers. His dreams are to become an outstanding physician and maybe one day, to volunteer and help with Africa’s struggle for a better health care system.

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Andreea Daniela Radu – Contributing Author

Andreea is a third year medical student, thoroughly interested in the surgical field and genetics. She benefits from a rich experience in the academic environment. She has been feeding this passion from an early age, keeping herself updated with the latest news in the surgical field. Thus, you can be assured that Andreea constantly has constant good advice and that she is always eager to bring it to Doctor Tipster.

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Dan Ciapa – Contributing Author

Dan is a 6th year medical student passionate about neurology and medical innovation. He is very interested in studying multiple sclerosis and epilepsy, spending most of his time reading articles and latest news about these topics. He is also very interested in reading and learning new guidelines regarding the diagnosis and treatment options for people with this debilitating diseases, as soon as they are available.

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Giorgiana Pavaloiu – Contributing Author

Giorgiana is a 5th year medical student found of obstetrics and gynaecology. Her hobbies are travelling, listening to music, and, of course, medical journalism. She collaborates with many publications but she dedicates most of her time working for Doctor Tipster. She likes reading a lot as she find this a good way to keep up with the latest medical breakthroughs.

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Dr. Irfan Tariq – Contributing Author

Dr. Irfan TariqDr. Irfan Tariq is a doctor (MD) by profession, graduated from “International School of Medicine”, Russian federation. He also holds a diploma in behavioral sciences and psychology. He has been practicing medicine for the last 3 years in the field of Cardiology (CVS), Gastroenterology (GIT) and Hepatology. He serves the society by playing an important role of doctor in healthcare NGOs that go to rural areas to set up a free medical camp every month.


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