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How to get stage ready

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Let's find out how best to prepare for a competition- whether it’s a bodybuilding competition, model competition or any such competition where you need to have the best body possible.


Nutrition is very important for you because it plays a key role in your performance. Now, the nutrition will depend on your body type and the stage you are at present. If you are too skinny, probably will have to add more muscle and definition. If you have a little extra fat, you’ll have to lose it. So, the nutrition that you need will completely depend on you and what you want to achieve. A specific combination of nutrition is very important for you and deciding that is very important because that might make or break your chances in the competition.

The right combination of nutrition will help your body by burning more fat and adding more muscle to your body. It may be important for you to go to a single digit body fat percentage. It is important to understand that a single nutrition program cannot help each and every person. Your nutrition program should be tailored to your needs and if you make a mistake of choosing a very general nutrition plan, your plan to become stage ready within the time you have may just be a dream.

Weight training exercises

To give your body the necessary muscle, you will need weight training exercises. These exercises will also help you to tone your body and give it the necessary shapes so that you can look the best on stage. While choosing the weight training exercise for yourself, you have to be careful that it is really effective and not something which is written by someone who is not a pro at that field. We cannot simply blindly follow whatever is written in a web page or in a fitness magazine unless you know it is true. You need a program completely tailored for you so that it will work on your body and for you.


It may not be possible for you to get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins from your food and even if it is possible, it may not be possible to do that within a short time. Supplements come into play exactly at that point. Supplements will provide you with the necessary nutrients and vitamins along with other crucial elements. They will provide you the necessary fuel to shape your body as you want.

There are three types of supplements- that they supplements, the muscle building supplements and the fat burning supplements. You will need to choose what you need. If you have more fat to burn, in that case you will need fat burning supplements. If you need to build muscles, you will need muscle building supplements. It is very important for you to understand the basic facts about supplements and then find the right information to choose the right supplement for yourself.


Cardio is very important. If you want to get your body fat percentage to single digit, you will need lots of Cardio, but that doesn’t mean that you need to spend hours doing cardio. Depending on the competition you are eating, the use of Cardio should be wisely done. Otherwise, it may have some negative effects on your body.

You need to find the right program for you which will take into account all the four important elements and your present body condition and then decide what you need to do to become stage ready within the time available for you.


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