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Does a Genuine Diet Pill Exist?

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Different manufacturing companies have come up with all types of diet pills from time to time each insisting that theirs is the best. They have become too many in the market and this has led to too much confusion. This is because consumers are having a hard time deciding which diet pill is genuine and which one is not. The consumers get confused because what the manufacturers advertise and promise is not what they deliver. Some pills do not contain the components that they are supposed to contain and some of them end up giving results not as expected and therefore not being real.


Therefore, this article will review the best dieting pills that are genuine and effective.


1. Life extension green coffee extract

It is wholly made of extract from green coffee beans. The coffee beans do not have any binders in them. The pill reduces the production of glucose in a human being's body. The amount of fat in the body goes down. The metabolism rate of the liver also rises and the intake of more fat reduces since the amount of fat stored in the body becomes limited. Coffee contains caffeine and according to Phenq reviews the caffeine helps in the loss of weight. From the consumers' reviews, this pill gives positive results and it has no bad side effects unlike other diet pills that consist of organic plants and ingredients from stimulants. It is composed of 400mg for every capsule and every day one is supposed to take a dosage of 1200mg but the recommended dosage is 1600mg. A consumer therefore should have sufficient supply of the pills to attain the results they want.


2. Garcinia cambogia

It is composed of extract from purely Hydroxycitric acid unlike other pills that contain HCA and other elements and resulting to not giving positive results. This acid helps in the breaking down of fats in the body. This diet pill contains no binders. Successful doctors recommend the dosage of garcinia cambogia. It also contains a small amount of potassium that helps in the fast absorption of the hydroxycitric acid in the body. This diet pill is cost friendly. Consumers have testified that this diet pill is very effective and it is safe to use. It delivers what it’s manufacturers promise.


3. GNC total lean

It is made of extracts from green coffee beans, yerba mate and green tea and vitamin B. The vitamin B components in this pill provide the body with the energy it requires. It has a few side effects like insomnia and feeling dizzy but it is safe to use. The components of this diet pill raise the metabolism rate and therefore, burning the fat in the body. They also reduce one's appetite. This pill does not also contain filters. The pills are affordable and the consumers have given positive feedback about the pill since it is effective.


In conclusion, even with the coming up of diet pills of all kinds from different manufacturers, there are still diet pills that are genuine. Therefore, a consumer should consider first getting previous reviews about the pill they want to buy to get testimonials from previous consumers. They should also check what the pills consist of and if they are safe to use for their own safety.