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5 Proven Exercises to Help Reduce Face Fat

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The face is no doubt the first part of your body people notice as they come in contact with you. For this reason, it is important that it is given due attention. Sometimes, it may not be enough to pamper the skin externally. This is especially true for cases such as high cheekbones and chiseled jawline “ face fat in general. One of the effective methods to handle face fat is by engaging in facial exercises. Apart from reducing the excess fat, it also helps to tone the body. Below are some facial exercise to get you started.


Jaw Release

The jaw release exercise is one way to achieve an attractive, sexier jaw line and high cheekbones. This certainly makes it one of the most effective facial exercises. It's function is to help in stretching and soothing the muscles around your cheeks, jaws and lips. To perform this exercise, you will need to be in a straight posture “ whether standing or sitting down. With your lips closed, begin to move your jaw like there's something you are chewing. Next is to inhale deeply and exhale while humming. Now, open your mouth wide and press your tongue within your lower teeth and then hold for about 10 seconds. Finally, inhale and exhale again.


Chin Lifts

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of an excess fat on the face according to Wellmassive is the chin lift exercise. The chin lift exercise allows you to work and stretch the facial muscles such as throat, neck, jaw and so on. This exercise can be done in either a sitting or standing position. To perform this exercise, you tilt your head towards the ceiling and hold in that position. While still on the tilted position, tighten your lips and hold in the position. After about 15 seconds, you can relax and repeat again after another 15 seconds.


Blowing Air Exercise

Just like the chin lift, the blowing air exercise functions by working on all the neck and facial muscles. As these happens, any occurrence of chubby cheeks or double chin is done away with. It impacts on muscles of the jaws, cheeks, and then tones them, giving them a leaner appearance and a natural facelift. To perform this exercise, you simply sit on a chair, straighten your spine and tilt your head to a position where your face is positioned towards the ceiling. In the tilted position, use your mouth to blow out air with your lips pulled. Repeat.


Fish Face

The fish face exercise is also referred to as smiling fish face. It happens to be among the top exercises for reducing fat on the cheeks and face. The best part of it is that it is simple to perform and one could do it anywhere “ like even while you watch T.V. This exercise functions by spreading and toning the cheek muscles and thereby losing face fat in the process. To perform this exercise, you suck in your lips and cheeks and try to smile. Hold on in that position for about 10 secs and then release. You should feel the burn in your jaw and cheeks.


Lips Pull

The lips pull is a yoga exercise that has proven effective for working on the facial muscles. Regularly engaging in this exercise helps in giving the face muscles a lift and giving the face a youthful look. This is evident from your salient jaw line and high cheekbones. To perform this exercise, keep your head in a normal position “ whether standing or sitting.  While in this position, try pushing out the lower jaw, so as to lift up the lower lip. If this is done properly, you will feel the strain and stretch in the chin muscles and jaw line. Hold on to this position for about 15 seconds and then release.



Nobody likes to have excess fat on the face. For some people, this goes as far as negatively affecting their personal self esteem and confidence. If you are one of such people, you should diligently attend to the above facial exercise and watch your face toned up and regain its attractiveness once again.