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10 Easy Ways to Exercise Throughout the Day Without the Gym

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You wake up, rush to work, sit in an office all day spinning your brain cogs to exhaustion, and when it's time to leave, the only thing you can think about is crashing face-first into the couch at home. Today was supposed to be gym day, but your head is already flooding with excuses: you were too busy, too tired, you'll go tomorrow instead. Sound familiar? If only there was some way you could combine your exercise into your day without needing to somehow magically slot additional hours into your already overflowing schedule, right?


Good news! You can! Believe it or not, incorporating fitness activities into your set timetable is doable, and what's more, you won't even realize you're exercising whatsoever, flipping the usual guilty duty of watching your health into a fun, effortless part of your routine. Impossible? Read on to find out.


1. Ride a Bike to Work

While it may add some extra minutes onto your commute, the cardiovascular fitness and stress alleviation from a bike ride may leave driving/public transport as the true waste of time. The thrill of racing through the fresh air isn't even the end of the benefits, as the positive impact on the environment and your finances make this adaptation a no-brainer.


2. Swap Your Desk Chair for an Exercise Ball

Instead of sitting hunched over your workspace all day, force your spine back in line whilst you take care of your normal day-to-day job. When considering how much time the average person spends in front of their computer, it makes sense to dedicate these hours to fitness, improving your balance and utilizing your core muscles, effortlessly moving closer to that perfect set of abs you've always wanted.


3. Strap on Those Resistance Weights

To lose weight, add more weight by hiding discreet ankle/wrist accessories beneath your clothing. Simply by walking up the stairs or performing some leg lifts underneath your desk, this added resistance will burn calories much faster without you changing a single aspect of your routine.


4. Use a Standing Desk

Everyone has heard about these trendy office inclusions, but have you given one a try? By merely trading a few hours of sitting time to standing up, you substantially lower the dangers of unnatural prolonged chair use, including improved posture alignment and shedding up to 20 additional calories every hour. For bonus points, incorporate a treadmill (if you're crazy enough).


5. Fight Stress with Your Fists

Soothe your frustrations by squeezing the life out of your hand strengthener product, which will relieve your tension, improve your grip, and help avoid any painful Carpal Tunnel Syndrome troubles. It's also a lot of fun, and much more socially acceptable than breaking your screen or crying into the air.


6. After Work Activities

Instead of collapsing in front of the TV at home or rushing to have a drink with your friends, why not try something different a few evenings each week? Whether joining a martial arts class, learning how to skateboard, or going for a dance at your favorite club, you'll have the time of your life whilst your circulation speeds up and joins the fun.


7. Play with Your Kids

If you ever need quick motivation, try and keep up with the fast-paced behavior of any children you may have in your life. From playing tag, to jumping on a trampoline, to darting all over the playground equipment, you will feel just like a kid again until you run out of breath and realize you're not.


8. Play the Right Video Games

By choosing wisely, video gaming no longer needs to be the unhealthy pastime that its reputation states. From various titles which simulate sporting motions to those that push you to perform faster dance moves, you will be as exhausted as you will be entertained after each evening session, destroying calories and helping you fall asleep even easier.


9. Regular Bedroom Activities

Frequently regarded as the most fun you can ever have, a healthy sex life comes with its own surprising fitness benefits, including a boost to the immune system, calorie burning, stress alleviation, and improvements to your sleep cycle. As if you needed any further encouragement!


10. Explore Your Free Time

Finally, when you have a decent amount of hours at your disposal (like on weekends), why not become a tourist in your own town and take a walk around? Alternatively, going on a nature hike or participating in some rock climbing ventures are incredibly favorable to fast-track your health upwards. However, if you are truly stuck for a moment's break, just remember that even a brisk walk to the shop is better than nothing.