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Why you should quit marijuana?

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There may be many reasons why you should quit marijuana. Less focus on the main reasons.

Mental clarity

When you stop smoking marijuana, you will have better mental clarity. People who smoke this are often in a fog and they cannot concentrate even after days of smoking. They often tend to forget names, facts and other important elements of people and events. When you quit marijuana, you will find better mental clarity within a short duration.


People who quit marijuana find that they have more energy now when they quit. Pot zaps all your energy. Even though you may smoke to overcome the tiredness you feel, but actually it makes you more tired. It takes oxygen from your lungs and blood stream and as a result you become more lethargic and tired.

Cleaner lungs

When you quitmarijuana, you will have cleaner lungs. Pot smokes contains high levels of tar and when you keep smoking tar may build up in your lungs. As a result, it can cause cancer, emphysema and other serious health problems. Even if you use vaporisers, the components present in the vapour may have negative impact on your lungs when you smoke for a long term.

Higher ambition

People who smokemarijuana, often find out that they don't have any ambition left. They simply live their life without any ambition at all. When you stop smokingmarijuana, the ambition returns to your life. When someone is stoned, he or she may have incredible ideas but he or she does nothing for fruition of the ideas. They do not live their life to the full potential possible; rather they live a life of complacency.

Social life

If you are addicted tomarijuana, what type of social life do you expect? It may feel social because you are smoking with a group initially but if you are a regular user, you are going to end up smoking alone more. When you smoke, you won't be in a position to talk to or interact with other people in the society. You will start to avoid family members, friends and social situations because many factors which you experience when you are stoned.

Better eating

Marijuana can speed up your metabolism and you may eat more and more. However, simply eating more food, even though it is healthy food, may not be very healthy for you. We do not have any control over your eating habits when you are smoking marijuana. When you quit, you will have better control over your eating habits.

Save money

When you are smokingmarijuana, you will spend lots of money. And good quality pot is costly. When you add up the money you spent on weed during the last one year duration, you will be surprised to see the total sum. That money could have helped you to do many things such as buying your home, buying a car, paying off debt etc.


Researchers have found that people who are intomarijuana in a heavy way are suffering from anxiety and depression. It's a drug and like any other drug, marijuana users create deeper anxiety and depression and it becomes impossible for them to come out of that. It's difficult to stop the habit, but if you do this hard work, it will help you to improve your willpower and self-esteem. Instead of running away from the problems that you face, it is always better to face them because otherwise it will erode your self-esteem and self confidence. Running away from problems will not give you a life you want in the long run. Smoking pot is nothing but trying to hide your problems.


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