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Why Quit Marijuana

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Many marijuana smokers believe that they’re enjoying more benefit from smoking marijuana. However, after some time they start seeing the problems that marijuana causes in their lives. Why do you need to quit marijuana when you feel that it’s giving you a different kind of enjoyment? Let’s find out



Your loved ones

You need to stop smoking marijuana for your loved ones. Your family members and close friends do not want to see you stumble through life. They want happiness and success you and which is clouded by your habit of smoking marijuana. Your relationships will suffer from this habit. You will miss important events and dates and you will lose people because of your habit.

Save money

A chronic pot smoker spends lots of money every month on weed. Even without you actually realizing, you spend lots of money every month on it. You can’t stop spending money because this is an addiction. If you save the money for three months, you’ll be surprised to see how much money you have in hand. That’ll give you an example of how much money you’re spending every month.

Increase stamina

By smoking marijuana, you are killing your lungs. Your lung will gradually lose its capacity. Try running two blocks and you’ll find out about your stamina and your lung capacity. This can further create other medical conditions for you.

Sleep well

Smoking weed not only interrupts a natural sleep cycles, but it will also avoid you of the benefits of a good sleep. It is sabotaging your sleep rhythms every night. When you quit smoking marijuana, you will find better rest and feel less stressed, which will help you to find more energy in your life. The right amount of sleep every night is very important to keep yourself healthy and live longer while reducing stress.

Get rid of anxiety disorder

Longtime marijuana smokers suffer from severe anxiety disorder when they try to quit. The severity will increase with the length of time you have been smoking. It will be much easier and your chances will be much higher if you quit early in your life.

Uncontrollable mood swings

Smoking weed makes you a moody person. You will have uncontrollable mood swings. If you are high, you’re normal; but if you’re not high, you’re terrible to deal with. There will be mood swings which you won’t be able to control. You won’t be able to admit this when you are smoking weed. But you will find it out once you try to quit smoking weed.

Decreased sex drive and dating problems

It will take the romance out of your relationship. You won’t be interested in having sex. Getting high will be much more necessary for you. You may lose your partner, but probably you won’t bother about that when you are smoking weed. You won’t feel interested in brushing your teeth, comb your hair and look good and hygienic when you’re stoned. That will also rule out the possibility of dating and finding your partner.

Social retard or recluse

If you continuously smoke marijuana for some time, you won’t be able to handle social situations. You will avoid them and gradually will fall into a reclusive lifestyle. The social outings will reduce in number and you will lose friends and relatives. You will just stay at home by yourself or be with your pot friendly people. Social situations will become scarier for you.

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