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Tips for prevention of panic attack

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The following tips will help you to prevent panic attack whenever it is about to happen.


Control your breathing

If you are hyperventilating or you are excited because of something, you will have to learn to control your breathing. Take slow deliberate breaths. Even though you may feel like it, but do not breath too fast or too full. Breath in for 5 seconds, hold it for 2-3 seconds and then breathe out for 7 seconds. If you are feeling panic, immediately do this. You will be able to control the panic attack and if you are not able to control it, you will be able to reduce the severity.

Talk to your doctor

Generally panic attacks are not caused by health issues but it is important to visit a doctor because you will be reassured and you will also find panic attack treatments available. Your doctor will help you to find out if because of any health issues you are having those panic attacks. At least you will be able to rule out the possibility.


Exercise is a very powerful tool and it can help you to reduce anxiety levels. Besides that, it will make you fit and healthy and that alone will bring lots of confidence in yourself. It will also help your body by ensuring smooth functioning of different parts of the body. If you are not exercising, you should start immediately and if you are already exercising probably it is the time to take it to the next level. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, exercise will help you to sleep better and break the vicious cycle of anxiety and inability to sleep.

Adapt to triggers

It is also called as desensitisation. It is best done in the presence of an expert or counsellor. In this process you try to get used to your triggers to such extent that they cannot cause any more panic attacks. Different strategies can be used to achieve the physical triggers and then you try to control your body and mind so that the triggers cannot cause panic attacks any more. It will need some practice and you will need to give it some time before you can achieve success.

Healthy lifestyle

You need a healthy lifestyle to get rid of anxiety and also to prevent future panic attacks. Anxiety results from our daily activities and our thought processes. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, the possibility of stress and anxiety will reduce substantially. Also it will help you to focus more on the positive aspects of your life rather than focusing on the negative ones. A healthy lifestyle will also help you to sleep better. If you are not sleeping well, it is likely to cause more problems for you including more panic attacks.

Take responsibility

You take responsibility yourself and let the panic attacks come. Then you face them head on. Initially, it will be difficult for you but with little support from your family and friends and strengthening your willpower, you will be able to stop panic attacks. If you take responsibility and are ready to accept whatever happens, the panic attack severity will reduce and gradually you will be in a condition to handle panic attacks easily. Instead of avoiding situations, places and things that may cause panic attacks in your case, you choose to embrace those situations, places and things and then try to control your reaction towards the thoughts and feelings. This will help you to experience panic attacks but control them better using your own mind power and willpower.


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