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How can you fix bow legs?

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Find the underlying cause

There may be different medical conditions that results in bow legs problem and so it becomes very important for you to find the actual cause. If you do not find the actual cause, the underlying medical conditions may damage other body parts.

Blount's disease is a medical condition that can result in bow legs in toddlers and teens. This problem appears due to abnormal development of the development plate present in the upper tibia. Breaks or fractures may also cause bow legs if they are not healed properly. Ricketts can also cause bone deformities resulting in bow legs. Physiologic genu verum is a health condition which is considered as one of the most common causes of bow legs seen in case of children under the age 2. Fluoride, lead poisoning, tumours, obesity, arthritis and infection can also cause bow legs.

Treat the underlying condition

You will need to treat the underlying condition to fix bow legs problem. Once you identify the underlying problem, it becomes easier to treat the condition. You need a doctor to find out the underlying problem and then to provide you with the necessary medical care and solution. If you are suffering from tumour, radiation or chemotherapy may be used. In case of lead poisoning, lead binding injections and medicines may be used to fix the problem. If fluoride is the problem, fluoride binding chemicals will help you to get rid of fluoride from your body. Your doctor is the best person to decide the correct course of action for you to help you to fix bow legs.

Wait for sometime

Many times bow legs problem disappear automatically. Many babies are born with bow legs condition but after some time such a condition may gradually disappear on its own. Generally when a child reaches the age 3, if she or he had bow legs, it will automatically disappear. But in some cases it may not automatically disappear and in those cases you will need medical help. So you can wait for three years but during this time you should bring your child to a doctor who knows how to treat bow legs. The doctor will perform the necessary tests and will decide whether it is in a severe form or not. If the bow legs problem do not disappear automatically, you can get the necessary medical treatment as soon as possible before it's too late for anything to be done.

Physiotherapy sessions

Physiotherapy sessions can help your child in fixing. You will need a therapist who has several years of experience and whom specifically knows physiotherapy exercises important for bow legs problem. You will find such physiotherapist locally and your doctor may help you to find one for you. Several physiotherapy exercises are available which are beneficial for people suffering from bow legs.

Use medical braces

There are special leg braces available which can help you to fix and that too at the right age. There are casts or shoes are also available which can help you. But they are generally used only if the condition is severe or the child has another disease along with bow legs. Such medical braces will have to be worn by the child until the bones are straightened. If the adults have bow legs, braces are not recommended for them, because the bone development has already happened.

However, there are different types of braces available for the adults who are suffering from bow legs. Such braces are known Unloader brace. They can help you by reducing pain and other symptoms. However, such braces are more effective in case of children.

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