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Avoid these destructive exercise mistakes

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There are some exercise mistakes which can create different health problems in your life. Such destructive exercise mistakes can really is the hidden death hormone which will ruin all the possible results from the hard work you are putting in your exercises.

Let’s find out what these destructive exercise mistakes are.

Taxing gym sessions

With taxing gym sessions you are punishing yourself. Many so-called experts recommend training sessions that push your body to its breaking point and that too on a daily basis. It will definitely result in release of more cortisol. Even though such experts are themselves pushing their bodies to extreme measures, they are doing so with the help of performance enhancing drugs which are called as anabolic steroids. With the help of steroids they can go on for a longer duration and also stress stronger in the gym. Even if you can buy such performance enhancing drugs, he should not use them because they have dangerous side effects. It is better to train for a specific time duration. If you train for more than 45 minutes your body will start responding differently.

When you perform long and taxing workouts, it will skyrocket your cortisol levels. Because of too much of stress, your workout will cripple your grains. More importantly it will suck you ‘Fountain of youth drive. You load a heavy load of “death hormone” in your veins.

Too much cardio

Too much cardio can be dangerous for you and your health. It may result in putting on more weight, feeling tired and having trouble performing in the bedroom. When you go for long duration cardio, it releases dangerous free radicals into your body. It will also release “death hormone” which will eat up your muscle tissue and slow down your metabolism. Release of free radical is like a stress pollution and it will put your body at the risk of dangerous heart problems, brain issues and accelerated ageing.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, “death hormone” levels elevate and become double once you cross the 30 minute mark.

Using too much weight

If you are using too much weight while exercising in the gym, it can also negatively impact your health and instead of losing fat and gaining muscle, your body may do the opposite and may also put you in a dangerous position. As you get older your body suffers from increase inflammation. If you add more exercise on top of that, the inflammation may increase more. When inflammation happens inside your body, a group of rebel atoms are released in the bloodstream. They can wreak havoc on a vital protein which is known as albumin and it is also called as the miracle elixir. This item can predict death and disease for anyone in the earth. Scientific studies found that when there is 10 g/L decrease in albumin, death can increase by 137% and disease can increase by 89%. It means keeping albumin levels in your body high is very important for you if you want to stay healthy and live a longer duration.

That is why you need to avoid the heavy weights in the gym. It is also important to choose the best form of training which will help you to drastically reduce inflammation while increasing the “miracle elixir” as that will help you to look, feel and perform better as if you’re younger than your present age.

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