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Best ellipticals to buy

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If you want to exercise with a machine that will not strain the joints, then you need a low impact trainer. Such a low impact trainer is the elliptical machine.

Elliptical machines are very popular among the amateur and professional trainers alike. It is very popular because there are numerous options to choose from while exercising which cannot only give you the intensity of exercise that can also help you to target different muscles.

The popular cross trainers can help you to get the best possible workout. They provide a wonderful combination of price, performance, workout, programs and special features.

Buying ellipticals

While buying ellipticals, you will find different elliptical trainers by different categories. If you want to categorise them by price because you have a fixed budget, you will find different elliptical machines at different price brackets.

The cheapest ellipticals are available under $ 500. These are the entry-level trainers. They come with short warranties. If you have a low budget, this is where you need to go. However, you need to understand that doubled the price is more than doubled the quality in case of these machines.

Next comes the elliptical machines that are priced between $ 999 to $ 1999. These are the best elliptical is for overall value if you have the money.

Elite home ellipticals that cost $ 2500 or more. These are good enough for light commercial use.

Space-saving elliptical machines

Sometimes, you may not have enough space at your home and in that case, you will need to look for the space-saving elliptical machines. The centre drive ellipticals need the least floor space. On the other hand, front drive trainers will need a moderate amount of space and rear drive ellipticals will need the maximum room.

Folding ellipticals are also good for you if you have very limited space. You can fold them up when you're not using them and they require little upper body strength while folding and unfolding. You can also go for Bowflex Max trainers that are very similar to centre drive ellipticals but they support high-intensity exercise. If you're into high-intensity exercise, this can be your choice as it can help you to burn calories at about double the rate in comparison to traditional elliptical cross trainer.

Ellipticals by drive type

Ellipticals are also categorised by drive type. The drives (flywheels) may be stored at different places of the machine. They can be rear drive, front drive and centre drive. The drive location is crucial because it can influence the noise level, your exercise posture and other factors.

The classic elliptical design is rear drive. These rear drive ellipticals are comparatively quiet. They are also very dependable because they have suspended pedals. However, they need more floor space.

Front drive ellipticals are also popular because they cost less than read drive ellipticals and they also need less space. But this machines can be noisy.

Centre drive ellipticals are good as they provide good posture and they need less space. However, most of them support long strides.

There are different ellipticals available in different price ranges. Take a look at the table below to find out the best elliptical static can buy today.

ModelResistanceStride LengthProgramsFlywheel
Schwinn 470 Compact Elliptical Machine25 levels20″2927 lbs
Reebok SL8 Elliptical16n/an/a19. 8 lbs.
NordicTrack FS7i20 Levels17″ – 19″1015 lbs.
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine16 Levels15.5″1020 lbs