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Yoga for fat burning and weight loss

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Yoga can help you to burn more fat and lose weight. Overweight people generally have a higher risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and other such problems. If they can lose weight, that will reduce the risk to a great extent. Losing weight is not very simple. But thankfully Yoga is there to help you. You can help you to lose weight over a period of time besides helping you to improve your bodily functions and overall health.

Obesity mostly happen due to eating off too much of food and sedentary lifestyle. Yoga can help you with both of these problems. Several times it is seen that obesity is also caused by endocrine problems, medicines or psychiatric illness. Stress also plays a big role in today’s world in making people obese.

One major challenge in fighting obesity and losing weight is incorporating physical activity in the lifestyle of people who are suffering from weight issues. Since people have limited mobility because of obesity or increased weight, they may not be able to start strength training or other such exercises. Yoga therapy can help you here. It can help you to remove excessive fat from your body and thereby reduce the overall weight.

While Yoga?

Even though asanas of yoga can help you to lose weight but their main objective is to help you develop body awareness. Yoga will help you to understand your body and the language of your body. You’ll be able to understand how your body works and what best suits it. Once you become more self-aware, it will help you to fight the major reasons of weight gain and obesity- eating too much and moving too less.

Asanas will help you to lose weight

There are many different types of yoga asanas which will help you to remove fat from your body and at the same time lose weight. These postures are very easy to perform and they can be modified according to the need of the person performing it. Even person with limited mobility can perform these postures without much difficulty.

Some of the asanas which will help you to lose fat and body weight are pawanmuktasana, gomukhasana, ardha matsyendrasana, vajrasana, trikonasana, anantasana, yoga mudrasana, paschimottanasana etc.

Surya namaskara

Surya namaskara is a basic method of practising yoga and it is very effective in helping you to lose weight. It will help you to burn more calories and it can be done easily and within a short duration. It is a series of 12 postures which are performed in sequence. It will make your body flexible and at the same time will help you to lose weight.

If you want to lose the extra fat around the belly, you can always perform mayurasana. This is a posture which will put pressure against the abdomen and gradually will help you to get rid of belly fat. Anantasana is also called as side reclining leg lifts pose and it will help you to lose extra fat from the sides. It will form your abdominal muscles and will get rid of the extra stomach fat. This is the beneficial asana which will help you to improve your blood circulation and digestion. Bhujangasana is another asana which will help you to burn unwanted stomach fat. It does that by stretching your abdominal muscles. Matsyasana is another posture that will stretch your lower body and will thereby burn the excess fat present on thighs, hips and lower abdominal areas.



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