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Foods to avoid for the perfect smile

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If you want a perfect smile on your face, you will need to have the perfect teeth. Only then your smile will look perfect. Your teeth should be pearly white and then it will make you smile more appealing and beautiful. Like food and your health, food and beauty are intrinsically linked. If you tweak your diet, it will help you to have the best looking teeth which in turn will help you to have the perfect smile on your face. You need to avoid some foods because they will cause problems for your teeth. Let’s find more about those foods that you should avoid if you want to have a perfect smile.

Soy sauce

If you really want a perfect smile, you will have to watch how much soy sauce you are consuming. It is dark in color and it can gradually cause stains in your teeth. If you like Chinese foods or any other food that uses soy sauce, you will have to try to gradually consume less of soy sauce.


Pickles are tasty and they make our food tastier and more palatable. For many people the idea of skipping pickles on sandwich can be a difficult one. However, you need to reduce your pickle consumption because they are very acidic. Since they are too much acidic, they can erode the teeth enamel.

Dark soda

There are varieties of dark soda available and many people find them very tasty. However, this is something that may not be very good for your teeth. Cola is very bad for your teeth health. It is a sweet and bubbly drink that contains lots of sugar and phosphoric or citric acid. These elements are bad for your teeth enamel. If you cannot live without soda, you can at least reduce the dark-colored varieties and go for the light colored ones.


Coffee is an everyday drink which many people like and it has its own benefits. However, it may not be a very good idea if you need sparkling white teeth and want to have the perfect smile. Coffee can stain your teeth and people who drink several cups of coffee every day often have not so white and clean teeth. You can reduce the number of cups of coffee you consume everyday so that it does not stain your teeth so much. This is only when you cannot live without coffee. If you can completely stop drinking coffee, that’s a good way to ensure that you have for perfectly white eat. Some experts believe that adding a splash of milk to your coffee can reduce its staining effect.

Red wine

Red wine is another element of your diet which you will need to reduce if you want to have the perfect smile with sparkling white teeth. Red wine will stain your teeth and will make it look uglier. They are also highly acidic in nature and they can erode the enamel of your teeth. The tannins present in red wine can cause difficult to remove stains after regular use. So, it is important that you reduce the consumption of red wine for better health of your teeth. For some people, it may be difficult but when you want the perfect smile, it may be a good trade-off.

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