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Feng shui tips for better health

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It is possible to improve your health with simple feng shui. It can really improve your health and well-being and that is why more and more people are using it for better health. Vibrant health is very important for you because without good health few things really matter. Let's find out how feng shui can help you to have better health.

Be aware what you breathe in

Air pollution is everywhere and if you are breaking polluted air it is definitely going to have some negative impact on your health and body. Even though we know about outdoor air pollution, we do not know much about indoor air pollution, but indoor air pollution is actually much worse. It is very important to ensure quality of your in your space so that you have clear and pure air to breathe in. It is possible to purify indoor air with the help of top air purifying plans. There are many good feng shui plants which can help you to purify the indoor air. Dracaena Jenny Craig, Boston Fern or Peace Lilly are some good and popular feng shui plants which will help you to purify air inside your home.

Use light and colour

The quality of natural light and colour are very important for your health and well-being. You need good amount of nature really light during the day but you also need vibrant, beautiful colours which will nourish your energy. If you are spending a lot of time indoors, you should invest full spectrum lights because they will nourish your energy. You need to decorate your home or office with vibrant art so that you can make it happy and joyful with lots of fresh and alive colours. It can be a while colour are or fresh flowers or anything else but it should provide you with lots of colour and light.

Your health area

Create a healthy area with the help of feng shui. Each home or office has specific areas which are responsible for different areas of your life. Your health depends on the overall energy of the whole space.

There are two areas that you should focus on because they are connected on a deeper energy levels to this state of your well-being. The first one is centre of your home or office. The second one is health and family bagua area. You can use different feng shui principles in those areas to improve your overall health. You can use food and water elements, laughing with the sculpture or feng shui lucky bamboo plant to improve your health area which will help you to improve your overall health.

Spa energy in your bathroom

For better health, you will need to create spa energy in your bathroom. The quality of energy in your bathroom will decide your sense of well-being. It is very important to apply good feng shui so your bathroom because it is a big challenge to apply feng shui to your bathroom. It is possible to create a spa feel in your bathroom if you have the basic foundation right. The foundation should be clean and clutter free. Then you need to bring art that pleases your senses. You also need candles, and aromatherapy diffuser and other elements which will help you to create a spa feeling in your bathroom. If necessary, you can learn more about good feng shui in your bathroom because it is very crucial for your good health and it is also crucial for the overall feng shui energy of your house.


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