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mental or physical health

Your health is a very complex thing. It is not about one aspect or other, exercise or taking time out, it is a composite of a ton of different aspects that all come together to create your own personal well being. That is why it is so important to take the time to consider different options and different factors when it comes to living a healthy life that is going to serve you well.

Physical Health

Of course, your physical health is a huge thing. Being unhealthy physically can have a huge impact on your body, your mind, and nearly every other aspect of your life. Exercise helps to release endorphins in the brain which in turn work to help elevate the mood, balance hormones, and more, all of which help to change your life and your mindset. These factors can also help you to keep up healthy habits and keep doing things like working out or eating better to encourage those good feelings to continue.

Physical health is incredibly important and can make a big difference in your overall healthy life and how you feel. Taking the time to really make sure you are making healthy decisions for your physical well being is important and can impact other parts of your life.

Mental Health

Mental health is just as important, in some aspects, more important than physical health. In order to be able to make healthy decisions you do need to be in a good headspace and you do need to be in a good mental state. Your mental state can affect your ability to make critical decisions, it can affect your willingness to make hard decisions, and it can also help you to get into a mindset that encourages you to keep moving and to keep making good choices.

Often times our mental state has the ability to affect all aspects of our lives and to affect the decisions that we make. A great way to look at it is to think about a time when you were down, did you feel like eating healthy, did you feel like going to the gym? In all likelihood, you probably felt like sitting down and eating ice cream rather than making healthy choices. When you are in a good head space you are more likely to make good decisions.

Overall Wellbeing

Your overall well being depends on both your physical health and your mental health to be successful. Without a good mental mindset, you are not going to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Without a healthy lifestyle, you are likely to fall into an unhealthy mindset. This approach is a very universal one, it can be applied to so many different things including things like rehab from addiction, being able to make good decisions to live a healthier life, and being able to make changes that are going to affect you positively.

A two-fold approach is always going to be more effective than a single approach and is going to be more effective overall in terms of creating and maintaining these new lifestyle choices. When it comes to things like rehab or working to break the cycle of addiction centers work to address both physical and mental health and they work to make certain that all aspects are addressed rather than just one or the other.

Your health is important and taking the reins to get it to where you want it to be can make a huge difference in your life. The real issue is not one thing or other but all things and making decisions that are actually going to work.

When you start to learn a new subject, discovering new things will only raise questions. Similarly, if you’ve recently gotten into using marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, you may still be trying to wrap your head around sativa strains, indica strains, buds, edibles, and oils.

But then you come across something else on your local dispensary shelves or their online website”hash. Do you know the key differences between hash and marijuana?

What is Hash?

Both hash and marijuana come from the same cannabis plant. What’s the distinction between the two? Weed is the flower bud of the female cannabis plant, and hash is the product of processing the flower bud in a certain way.

When cannabis plants are in full bloom, farmers collect flower buds and hang up to dry. Once completely dried, they remove any stems, excess leaves, and seeds, and the resulting green bundle is what consumers typically refer to as weed.

On the other hand, hash is made from the trichomes and resinous gland heads found on the flower buds’ surface. Cannabis farmers separate the tiny glistening crystals called trichomes from the rest of the plant after harvesting and drying the cannabis flowers.

What are the Different Types of Hash?

  • Dry Sift Hash“ One of the easiest ways to make hash is the dry sift process, which involves filtering the trichomes through a screen. You can smoke the resulting product on its own or add it to edibles. This method is most common in the top hash-producing regions like Morocco and Afghanistan.
  • Ice Water (Bubble) Hash“ Bubble hash, also known as ice hash, refers to collecting hash from the bud by submerging it in ice-cold water and passing it through progressively smaller screens until only trichomes remain. That’s one of the oldest and purest methods of making hash, using only ice and water as a solvent.

Different parts of the world process the sticky powder, usually called pollen, differently. Here are a few other ways that hash can be consolidated for use:

  • In some cultures, hash producers carefully rub the flowers by hand, resulting in a brown, dark, sticky substance.
  • In other areas, producers use a different technique, by which they roll raw marijuana between their fingers, sometimers with a little bit of water, to form dark and sticky balls of hash.
  • Other cultures use sieves to separate the resin and flower. Then the trichomes are repeatedly pressed using finer sieves to create a block of hash.

How Using Hash Differs from Using Marijuana

One of the most prominent differences you might notice between smoking hash and weed is the variance in tastes. While both marijuana and weed come in different flavors, once you taste both hash and weed, you will be able to distinguish between the two every time you smell or taste either.

When it comes to usage, you can smoke both hash and marijuana with a pipe, bong, or as a joint like a cigarette. You can also use hash in many different ways other than smoking.

Traditionally, people consumed hash orally”either as a solid or infused into drinks. A few varieties of hash have the ability to melt in liquids. You can use such forms of hash in a vaporizer.

Though you can consume hash and marijuana in similar ways, they vary in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Pot”the most common form of cannabis”is the least potent, with THC content ranging between 25 to 30 percent. Hash is typically more potent, with THC levels ranging from 20 percent to 60 percent.

Is Hash Legal in Canada?

The Canadian government has made cannabis extracts, edibles, and topicals legally licensed cannabis dispensaries or online stores.

Canadian citizens of legal age (19, in most provinces) can use everything from skincare products to baked goods that contain cannabis. Since topical products and extracts are legal to sell in any approved Canada dispensary, users now have access to a wide range of products ranging from vape juice to hash. However, buyers do have to abide by the legal possession limits.

Final Notes for First-time Hash Users

When you try hash for the first time, keep in mind that, as with marijuana products, there are significant differences in effects across different variants. Either consult with the budtender or research the effects of different variants before settling for a specific one. And, as always, follow best practices for safe THC use.

cbd oil

By now, you've probably heard the term “CBD” whether it's at your favorite coffee shop or your go-to salon. CBD, the supposed miracle elixir, is having its time in the limelight and it seems like it won't be going away any time soon. This trendy wellness product has managed to make its way into almost everything from gummy sweets and dog treats to facials and lotions; all of which have had their very own CBD makeover.

Users that swear by it have dubbed it as a “cure-all” for just about any condition. Regulators seem to be vexed by it, ambitious entrepreneurs are perceiving it as a lucrative opportunity while researchers and skeptics alike are intrigued. 

However, despite the growing frenzy surrounding it, the topic of CBD itself can be quite difficult to get your head around. So what exactly is CBD and what is it capable of achieving? Here’s a brief rundown to help you understand this latest miracle health trend better:

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, otherwise identified by its more popular abbreviated name, CBD, is an active compound found in the Cannabis plant.

Most people, on hearing the word “cannabis” tend to imagine a bunch of junkies passed out. And although CBD is a component of the said plant, it is not psychoactive and does not adversely affect brain chemistry when ingested.

This is because the cannabis plant contains over one hundred naturally occurring compounds including THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, or better yet known as the compound that earns the plant its infamy by possessing psychoactive properties.

To put it simply, utilizing CBD allows you access to many of the therapeutic benefits that the plant has to offer without getting you “stoned.”

CBD has been found to offer a great many benefits to health, skin, and mind. It is also offered in a variety of mediums, the most preferred one perhaps being CBD oils. CBD oils can be used in a number of ways and offer a range of benefits that one can reap. You can check out the guide to CBD Oil in order to understand it’s dosage, process, and duration of use.

CBD’s legalization and better availability and accessibility have contributed to the hype surrounding it but the benefits also speak for themselves. Here are 5 major benefits of CBD that could transform your world as no other product can:

Helps Battle Anxiety 

A case study conducted in 2019 involving 103 adults, concluded that CBD appears to alleviate self-reported anxiety. Anxiety scores of about 79% of the participants that were involved in the study decreased within the first month of the observation and remained as such for the duration of the study.

Another research conducted by the National Institute of Drug And Abuse (NIDA) reported that study subjects seemed to have lower behavioral signs of anxiety once CBD was introduced.

Hence, CBD is a great way to calm down the nervous system and relax muscles when anxiety is getting the better of you.

Pain Relieving Properties 

The pain-relieving properties possessed by marijuana, and CBD by extension, are one of the primary reasons for its popularity. The cannabis plant has been used for this purpose for many centuries, as well as for regulating not only sleep but the immune system function as well, both of which play a supplemental role in minimizing pain.

CBD oil can reduce nerve pain, as well as play a great role in normalizing autoimmune function due to a calmer nervous system. Everything from sclerosis to arthritis can be expected to be treated with CBD.

A Treat For The Pets

While CBD may work wonders in combating one’s anxiety, it has also been shown to help any nervous or anxious pets. A number of companies have even started making special blends of CBD Oils for pets.

And that’s not all. While CBD can effectively help keep your pet remain calm, it can also be used to treat any physical ailments. It is, however, recommended to first consult with your vet before committing to CBD solutions for your pets.

Works To Fight Inflammation 

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that CBD has the potential to do wonders for your exercise program. It appears that it can help reduce inflammation in the body, allowing you to recover faster.

This is supported by research conducted in 2018 and published in the Frontiers in Neurology, concluding that CBD can reduce inflammation, help decrease pain, and improve mobility in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Improves Heart Health

CBD has been linked to reduced blood pressure, which, in turn, is directly linked to heart health. Studies conducted involving 600mg doses of full-spectrum CBD oil were found to perform significantly better than any placebo at reducing the resting blood pressure and restoring normal body rhythms of the patient.

The findings of the study suggest that CBD oil can be a suitable complementary therapy for those that suffer from hypertension resulting from anxiety and stress.


Together with a dermatologist, we find out how nervous stress affects human health and, in particular, the skin. Chronic stress and fatigue affect our physical and mental health. Some of the body’s responses to stress can be completely unexpected.

Stress level is evident from our face because our skin becomes dull due to stress. Also, there are many other harmful side effects of stress that include excessive sweating, drinking, hair loss, and premature ageing. In this article, we will discuss about the signs that tell us that our body is not coping with stress well.

Signs That Show Your Body Is No Longer Coping with Stress

1- Acne

It’s not just teens who are battling acne. Adults also often experience acne breakouts. There are many reasons for this problem, but stress is often the main one.

Acne is often the result of stress primarily due to hormonal changes associated with it. The body releases stress hormones, including cortisol. This increases the production of fat in the skin, which makes us prone to pimples.

2- Bags Or Dark Circles Under The Eyes

When we are stressed, we often forget to take basic care of ourselves. Lack of sleep, unbalanced nutrition, and insufficient fluid intake leave a familiar mark on our faces.

The beauty industry offers a ton of effective skincare products designed to get rid of bags under the eyes and combat the panda effect. However, before resorting to them, it is worth trying to make up for lost sleep and relieve stress.

3- Excessive Drinking

When you suddenly start to consume more alcohol than regular days, stress might be one of the major reasons for this behavior. However, by excessive drinking, you can end up at an alcoholism treatment center. Therefore, try to minimize this habit and visit a doctor to get rid of stress.

4- Pale And Dull Skin

Likewise, stress can result in skin dullness. In a stressful situation, we often refuse to use our usual creams. As a result, the skin may appear pale and dull. Skincare is a form of self-care and helps to relax. Therefore, it is important not to forget about self-massage of the face and hands, masks, and baths, even in the most stressful times.

5- Dry Or Flaky Skin

Stress can affect skin texture. Excess cortisol leads to a decrease in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. It can lead to a loss of moisture in the cells. Also, when stressed, we often forget to apply moisturizer and ignore our usual routine. This will certainly affect the appearance of the skin.

6- Complications Of Eczema

Outbreaks of eczema (a skin condition that usually manifests as a red, itchy rash) worsen under stress. And the itchiness and discomfort from the inflammation caused by eczema make patients pretty nervous. It is a vicious circle. 

Dry skin tends to be more prone to eczema, so keeping it hydrated is important to minimize irritation.

7- Rosacea Bloom

By a similar principle, stress can be a trigger for a rosacea outbreak. Rosacea, which is characterized by rosacea, redness, or flushing (overflow of blood vessels), can be caused by many factors. Stress, on the other hand, lowers immunity, provokes an inflammatory reaction that can aggravate dermatosis, increase redness and rash.

8- Hives

Urticaria occurs when the level of histamine in the body rises. A similar condition may be associated with recent infection, new drugs, or an increase in their dose, allergies, or food intolerances. In all cases, stress can cause or worsen skin symptoms by increasing the release of histamine. 

9- Psoriasis

Stress can be thought to cause psoriasis flare-ups (manifested by the formation of red scaly patches all over the body). But psoriasis flare-ups can also cause stress. The link between stress and psoriasis is cyclical – another vicious cycle.

More research is needed to determine the exact mechanism of the disease. But according to researchers, 66% of patients with psoriasis reported that their disease was exacerbated by stress.

10- Excessive Sweating

Stress causes the apocrine glands to sweat as a result of increased adrenaline levels. This is our inherent response to an emergency. Sweating before an important meeting or public speech is common. But even the most confident person can experience additional stress if it becomes noticeable.

You can control the increased sweating with conventional antiperspirants and, in difficult clinical situations, with medications recommended by a dermatologist.

11-Premature Aging

Stress disrupts collagen production. While we are fighting against skin aging with varying degrees of success with anti-aging products, trying to achieve visible results, stress safely leaves a mark on our face.

As mentioned, stress leads to increased levels of cortisol, which not only decreases hyaluronic acid synthesis but also breaks down collagen. The loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid leads to wrinkles over time. Stress can also increase the production of free radicals, which leads to skin aging.

12-Hair Loss

In some cases, when the body is under increased stress, hair can enter the premature telogen (“shedding stage”) and begin to fall out, causing noticeable baldness. This condition is called telogenic outflow. 

People may notice thinning or hair loss months after the initial stress occurs. Stress causes inflammation, which causes hairs to enter the resting phase too early. It leads to hair loss two or three months after the stress. This type of hair loss is considered temporary, but if you are worried about the amount of hair falling out, see a dermatologist. They can help you find the cause of the problem and prescribe treatment.

Summing Up

Remember, any sudden skin reaction should be investigated by a healthcare professional or dermatologist. Taking care of your nerves and health is crucial, especially on such tense days. Therefore, if any of the above signs appear, know that your body is not fighting with stress well. And you should visit a doctor soon.

food allergies

Food allergy means that your body mistakes a normal food component as an offensive one.

Why food allergy occurs

When we consume a food item and our body misinterprets it as an allergen (allergy causing agent), it starts producing IgE antibodies. These antibodies fight against that so called allergen and produce allergy symptoms.

What are the signs and symptoms of food allergy

It has following signs and symptoms:

  • Wheal formation on the body that itch.
  • Irritation in throat and mouth
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Diarrhea (in extreme cases only)
  • Cold skin
  • Throat swelling leading to breathing difficulty
  • shock

Diagnostic test for food allergy

It is diagnosed by measuring the levels of IgE in blood in response to the tested food.

What are the risk factors associated with food allergy?

There are certain factors:

  • Age:   

It mostly is seen in infants and toddlers

  • Family history:  

Those having family members who have food allergy or other allergies are more likely to suffer.

  • History of other allergies:    

If you are allergic to some other substances there are chances you can have food allergy as well

  • Asthma:     

Being asthmatic is another risk that you could have food allergies as well.

To what food items is it more likely to have allergy?

Food allergy mostly occurs to the following edibles:

  • Shellfish
  • Fish
  • Peanuts
  • Eggs
  • Walnuts
  • Soy
  • Wheat

How to treat food allergy?

It depends on the severity of the reaction

  1. Mild to moderate allergy: it is treated by antihistamines
  2. Severe allergic reaction: it requires the administration of adrenaline

Remember! Prevention is better than cure

A lot of studies are recently being conducted to prevent food allergy.  Guidelines from leading allergy organizations and many others serve as a light house. According to those guidelines, following measures could be taken

  1. Start introducing semisolid foods at an age of around 4 months. This will help your baby's immune system to adopt better to new edibles.
  2. Do not introduce multiple foods at a time. Instead of this, try only one food for days and observe your baby's response to that. It will help you identify the allergen as well as the extent of allergy.
  3. Always start a new food or allergen with a minimum dose and then gradually increase the dose. This, on one hand, decreases the likelihood of developing allergy and increases the efficacy on the other hand.
  4. Another proven preventive measure is to feed the allergen to your toddler for 2 to 7 days a week. Continue this for a minimum of 3 to 6 months. This method was very effectively used to prevent peanut allergy in the LEAP study trial.
  5. When weaning is started at the age of around 5 to 6 months, there are chances that your baby will accept certain foods and will reject the others. This requires a lot of patience. Try and try again is the major solution here. Do not give up; introduce allergens steadily. This is the best time to educate your baby's immune system.

cosmetic dentistry

Many people associate cosmetic dentistry with famous actors. It certainly seems like only the wealthy have the right to have good teeth.  There's truth to this if you only look at the cost of the big items.  You would need a lot of money for capping all of your teeth, getting a full mouth of dental implants, or having your teeth covered in veneers.

However, cosmetic dentistry doesn't have to cost a bundle to benefit your life. It's all about being vigilant and making the best choices as you go along.  You can have a whiter smile now and for much of your life without the big expense. 

Covered by dental insurance, teeth cleanings are essentially cosmetic dentistry. If you have them done, you are more likely to have a beautiful smile.  It's preventative medicine, but it's also cosmetic. The dental hygienist removes the plaque on your teeth that eats away at the enamel. This makes your smile brighter and also healthier.

On the other hand, teeth whitening is cosmetic dentistry, and it isn't covered by insurance. However, a good treatment doesn't have to cost a fortune.  You should discuss it with your dentist to make sure you don't have any gum conditions that could be aggravated by the process.  If you can afford a treatment at the dentist, that will be the most effective, but you can do it at home and save money while getting good results.

When you have a cavity filled, you should make sure you ask for white fillings. These look like your teeth and will be less noticeable. As you age, each white filling will blend in.  Each dark filling will stand out. If you pay a little bit more for each white filling, the final result over time will be a better looking smile. It costs a bit more per tooth, but you are only doing one tooth and that should make it affordable.

Likewise, if you chip a tooth, you should have it bonded.  This will ensure that it doesn't break further and will keep cavities out.  Often covered by dental insurance, this isn't really just cosmetic. It is essential to your oral health.

Uneven teeth can be corrected with bonding. In that process, your dentist adds the bonding material to the tooth and smooths it out. This can eliminate gaps and make your smile more even. It isn't covered by dental insurance, but it isn't super expensive either. Remember you can spread these procedures out to make them more affordable.

If you lose a tooth, you should act quickly to get a dental implant.  This isn't covered by insurance, but it isn't purely cosmetic.  A lost tooth leads to bone loss. It also may cause your teeth to shift over time.  If you get a dental implant, it's essentially a permanent replacement for your lost tooth.  Again, it is pricey, but it isn't purely cosmetic. If you have to pay for one, you may be protecting yourself from further tooth loss and a bigger expense down the line.

As you can see by now, you shouldn't fall for the label cosmetic dentistry. This is an insurance term.  Much of cosmetic dentistry isn't just for looks. It is actually good for your oral health.

healthcare careers

Good health, in any capacity, is dependent on the dedicated people who work tirelessly in healthcare. A career in health can be a very appealing job decision for those who want to work within in-demand services and help people on a daily basis.

If you're uncertain which healthcare roles might appeal to you, here are six of the most popular positions within healthcare.

  1. Dentist

Dentists work to identify and treat a variety of problems or health concerns focused on the mouth, gums, and teeth. Your duties as a dentist, alongside general oral care for patients, may include teeth extraction, cavity filling, and denture fitting. Dentists can also work to treat serious oral diseases.

You may also want to specialize in a certain area, such as focusing on teeth straightening, which falls under Orthodontics, or perhaps a focus on oral hygiene, specifically while working as a dental hygienist.

You also have the option of becoming a dental assistant if you would like to work to support a dentist and their procedures.

  1. Physician

Physicians are usually the first port of call for any medical concern or emergency. This could be anything from everyday illnesses like coughs and colds to more serious health concerns or injuries.

The role of a physician will vary greatly, depending on the area of work that interests you. Physicians can work in emergency rooms or clinics, they can focus on the brain or heart health, or they can specialize to work with a certain patient demographic.

Any physician role will see you diagnosing and treating a range of different ailments for a wide variety of patients.

  1. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists will work with a focus on physical injuries or issues, whether it's general injury recovery from fractures or broken bones or sports injuries suffered by athletes. Physical therapists may also work with patients who need support with motor skills if they have suffered with a medical condition such as a stroke or neurological problem.

Physical therapists will usually work directly with patients to develop a rehabilitation program to see them on the road to recovery and support them all the way through. Treatment should include a focus on reducing pain and building strength, and physical therapists can be expected to arrange programs that include exercises and stretches.

In this role, you would usually be expected to work with a variety of other healthcare professionals, too, in order to get the best well-rounded healthcare for your patient.

  1. Nurse Practitioner

Registered nurses can become nurse practitioners with extra training, and this additional education means that nurse practitioners can perform physical exams, order lab tests, prescribe medications, and authorize certain treatments. This will be alongside a nurse's role of caring for, and educating, patients and their families on good health.

Nurse practitioners can work to specialize in certain areas and categories of medicine, or they can focus on a specific category of patients. Nurses may also want to further their training by achieving additional credentials like a Masters of Science in Nursing. The role of a nurse is vital in supporting physicians and other healthcare professionals in their work, too.

  1. Nutritionist

If you love the idea of focusing on food-related health and assisting others with their nutritional needs, then this role is ideal. It will see you becoming an expert in food and nutrition in order to best advise patients or clients on how to eat healthily.

This could be in line with personal goals, if you have clients who employ you to help them with their weight loss goals, for example, or it could be on a more serious healthcare level whereby a patient needs nutritional support in managing a health condition, and what they can and can't eat.

Nutritionists can work independently with their own clients, or they may be employed by hospitals or clinics in order to provide necessary nutritional advice to patients.

  1. Psychiatrist

Perhaps your healthcare interest is more aligned with mental health. If so, the role of a psychiatrist is a crucial one, which may appeal to you. Psychiatrists diagnose and treat mental health or mind disorders in patients. To do so, psychiatrists will train in medical school to understand the mind, as well as train to identify a whole range of mental health conditions.

This role will also see you working with patients to develop a treatment plan which can support their mental health recovery. The type of patient psychiatrists can work with include those suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.

Your role may also see you prescribing certain medication to patients who may need it in line with any disorders.

Do any of these healthcare career options appeal to you? Plan your career goals and choose the right role for your future.

work injuries

Have you been injured at work recently? If so, the chances that physical therapy can help you get back on your feet and back to work are pretty high. While getting hurt at work isn't ideal, it is common. Work injury rehabilitation comes in many forms, and physical therapists are trained to ensure you have a smooth recovery and proper care.

Repetitive Motion

While performing your job, it is common to perform the same movement frequently. The most common motion is typing on a keyboard, which may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. The benefit of physical therapy for a repetitive motion-type injury is the training and strengthening of the muscle affected. This type of injury is generally a result of overuse and weakness. Physical therapy will focus on the importance of rest and repair initially and then begin to build up the muscle with strength training and ensuring proper body mechanics for future use.


Injuries occurred from hyperextension may result from a pull, push, or lifting action. This is a common workplace injury generally due to poor posture and technique that results in your joint being bent in the wrong direction. The back is the most common area injured. However, overextension can occur anywhere including the shoulders, knees, or other body extremities. While treating this injury, physical therapy will focus on strength-training exercises, proper stretching, and endurance activities such as biking or swimming to strengthen ligaments and tendons.

Fall Injuries

During your work day, you may need to walk on hazardous terrain such as ice or snow to deliver mail, climb up and down ladders to replace a lightbulb, or may just walk on a wet floor without a caution sign. There are numerous ways that a fall can occur but the use of physical therapy after this type of injury is important. Physical therapists would first focus on the healing of the main injury sustained. However, after healing the patient, they can focus on balance and gait training to prevent further falls from occurring. 

Machine Injuries

Various jobs require the utilization of machinery, whether that is a forklift, table saw, or grinding machine. The various types of injuries that can occur with operating heavy machinery are endless. If this type of injury occurs, physical therapy will be able to develop a personalized treatment plan to focus on injury recovery and restoring your previous function.

There are numerous ways physical therapy can assist in the healing process of a work-related injury, such as fixing improper form, stretching and strengthening of joints and muscles, and preventing the build-up of scar tissue. Most patients find physical therapy not only useful in their recovery but also find educational value in learning what your body is capable of.

dental care

Dental health is one of the most important parts of our overall wellness, and just like fitness, nutrition and skincare, our teeth require a routine of care. Every aspect of our teeth is an important part of keeping us healthy, from our heart health to how we feel about ourselves. If we neglect our dental care might end up having issues like infections, gum disease, and dental trauma.

Not everyone who doesn’t take care of our teeth does it out of negligence though. Sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. There are many mistakes we make with our teeth that are completely avoidable, and here's a list of some of the things that are affecting your dental health.

Not Getting Quality Care

Many people look at their dental care like it's a grudge purchase and not a fundamental and valuable investment in their health. As a result, they take shortcuts with their dental care, and one way they do that is to work with dental professionals who don't provide quality care or good service. Every market has great dentists, but also people who cut corners. It's important to put your health in the hands of a dentist you trust, and a dentist who is trusted by many other people. You can easily find out who is good in your market by typing in Dentist Austin Texasť into your Google search. In that city, Enamel Dentistry is a leading dental care provider, and they have an amazing track record of 5-star reviews and happy patients who trust them to keep healthy teeth. With 4 offices at Lantana Place, Parmer Park, South Lamar and Saltillo, they have multiple locations, making it convenient for their valued patients.

Waiting Till Something is Wrong

When it comes to taking care of our health, there are two approaches we can take, the preventive approach or the treatment approach. The latter only focuses on getting professional help in the event of something going wrong. In the case of our teeth, taking the treatment approach would be waiting till we have a toothache, or an infection to get into the dentist's chair.

The only problem with this, is there might have been points before the catastrophe where something could have been done to deal with any issues and to nip them in the bud. A huge portion of the medical and dental field is taking the preventive approach because it can actually make a huge impact on the patient's life and save them time and stress by dealing with an issue before it worsens. Waiting until something is wrong is one the biggest mistakes we can make. Having a good dentist and sticking to the recommended visits is an investment you make in not ending up with a dental emergency.

How We Eat and Drink

We all enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail, but often the habits we form around drinking actually compromise our dental health. What we eat and drink contains acids that can attack the enamel of our teeth and break down and weaken the surface. When our teeth get weakened, we become more susceptible to chips, breaks and infections. We should make it a priority to take care of our teeth after we consume food and drink. First of all drinking water is very important because it dilutes the acids and stops them from attacking out teeth. It's also important to either rinse out our mouth with water or brush our teeth after a meal or when we finish our glass of wine or cocktail. 

Brushing Your Teeth Wrong

Brushing our teeth effectively is the cornerstone of any dental care routine, but you'll be surprised to know that many of us are doing it all wrong, and actually damaging our teeth in the process. If you're using a hard-bristled toothbrush, you not only risk damaging the surface of your teeth, but you also make it hard to truly get the harder to reach parts of your teeth and gums clean. It's also a big mistake to brush vigorously as this can also cause damage and break down your enamel layer. Also avoid brushing your teeth from side to side as this might also massively damage them. These are some of the ways we brush our teeth and how to correct it.

Using Damaging Substances to Whiten Teeth

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental treatments right now, so much so that people have tried to find home and natural remedies to cut corners to achieve white teeth without a hefty price tag. Some of the most popular home whiteners are baking soda which promises to remove surface stains and clean the surface of your teeth. The only problem is that people tend to overuse baking soda, which may remove stains in the short-term but in the long-term will cause damage by breaking down the enamel and making the teeth more sensitive. This opens the door to a hoard of other issues. If you're considering whitening your teeth, get a professional to do it so that you get the results without the side effects.


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You will also find rates with no discounts, but these rates are already very low and competitive. Such an example is FixRunner “ a top WordPress maintenance service, but you will find below also other such solutions.




Creative Tim has a super team of developers and designers that work closely together to create some of the best UI Kits and dashboards in the world, built on top of Bootstrap, React, Angular, and Vue.js.


They have over 1,3 million users from all over the world, everybody loving their products.


For Black Friday, they have the best offer in the industry for you.


Get a bundle of 63 premium UI Kits and dashboards for $99. The normal price is $3,945 and the discount is 97,5%, the biggest in the history of Black Friday.

  1. Total
    “ The Most Complete WordPress Theme



Total is a premium WordPress theme that is loved by over 43k users from all over the world.


This theme is the most complete in the industry, it is quick and simple to use, and it is packed with tons of awesome good stuff.


You will find included everything you need:


  • 40+ gorgeous premade designs
  • 3 bundled premium plugins “ the famous Visual Page Builder, Templatera, and Slider Revolution.
  • 500+ styling options.
  • 80+ builder modules.
  • The best interface ever seen on a WordPress theme.


Get Total with 50% discount.


















The Gray Dot Company  has an incredible team of SEO experts and they are ready to make your website stand out from the crowd. They have  significant experience in this industry, resulting from their work with numerous mid-size companies located all over the world, from many different niches.


After you work with them, you will be amazed by the results. They optimize what you have to work with and find smart ways to generate organic traffic for your website.


Get your free consultation right now and make your website a great success.



















Avidon Marketing Group is a powerful SEO company that helped thousands of both small and large companies increase their organic traffic.


They create fully personalized SEO strategies based on your needs and after they do a very in-depth analysis. What is very cool when working with Avidon Marketing Group is that they always come with fresh ideas and they overdeliver.


On the case studies page, you will find impressive results that Avidon Marketing Group generated for their customers.


Your website will get similar results, you only need to get in touch with them.




















On Codester, you will find everything you need:


  • Website themes and plugins
  • PHP scripts
  • App templates
  • Graphics
  • Hugely discounted items
  • Free stuff


Browse Codester and pick everything you need for your projects.






















All freelancers that make over $400 per year, are obliged to pay taxes.


Find all the information you need and calculate your taxes using this comprehensive self-employment tax page.


Everything is offered for free, by Bonsai, the popular creator of dedicated tools for freelancers.













Webdesign Toolbox will help you with 965 premium resources structured in 78 different categories.


They handpick all the tools they include on their website, be prepared to find only efficient and top-quality web tools.


Browse Webdesign Toolbox and pick everything you need.













Taskade is the favorite all-in-one collaboration apps for remote teams from all over the world.


They use it to chat, organize, collaborate, and get things done.


Recently, it was voted the Number 1 tool on ProductHunt.


Register for the free forever plan and start using Taskade.






















Mobirise is the best offline website builder in 2020, being loaded with everything you need:


  • 3600 awesome website templates
  • Tons of sliders, galleries, forms, popups, and icons
  • Drag and drop builder
  • An intuitive and quick interface
  • And much more.


Get Mobirise on Black Friday with 97% discount.










Goodie is a professional and highly known web development service that is mostly used by web designers and companies from all over the world to amplify their online presence.


Get a free quote.


With the code “BLK5G2020” you’ll receive 5% discount for your first project.




CollectiveRay created the best in the industry tutorials, tests, and reviews for WordPress, Joomla, and web design.


For Black Friday 2020, they spent a lot of time to gather the very best deals on the market.


Check them.



Mailmunch is an all-in-one email marketing tool that you can use to massively increase your email conversions.


Use Mailmunch to create awesome emails, landing pages, autoresponders, and opt-in forms. You will find included tons of premade designs and an easy to use drag and drop builder.


See your email marketing ROI take flight this Black Friday with Mailmunch.



















Unlayer is the most advanced, yet simple to use, email template and landing page builder for SaaS and CRMs. Embed it on your website and let your audience create awesome emails and landing pages, using the included premade designs and the easy to use drag and drop builder.


See how it works.
























Use Schema Pro WordPress plugin to quickly add all the necessary schema markups on your website, helping it stand out of the crowd and get more organic traffic.


Get Schema Pro.




Rank Math is a free WordPress SEO plugin that will help your website rank higher in search engines and get more organic traffic.


Get it now for free.





Acowebs are creators of some of the most powerful WooCommerce plugins in the industry, having over 25,000 happy customers from all over the world. Some of their leading plugins are WooCommerce Product Labels, WooCommerce Checkout Manager, WooCommerce Wishlist, WooCommerce Add-ons etc which all can supercharge your WooCommerce store and help it stand out of the crowd in terms of sales and traffic.


Get Acowebs products.




Heroic Inbox will help you manage customer support emails directly from your WordPress interface.


Save tons of time and make the process more enjoyable.


See how Heroic Inbox works.






Bonsai is the most popular name in the freelancer tools world, creating some of the best tools in the industry for:


  • Building professional invoices
  • Creating contracts and proposals
  • Time tracking
  • Etc.


Now they help you with a free 1099 tax calculator that will help you estimate how much money you need to pay.







  1.  UPQODE
    – WordPress Web Design Agency



UPQODE is an eCommerce marketing agency that applies Shopify platform and Woocommerce plugins on WordPress websites to create fast and responsive web stores that everyone can browse quickly and smoothly on all devices. 

For years, UPQODE has been a sales-booster for online entrepreneurs, with SEO practices that increase traffic and conversion rates.

Whether it’s Shopify or Woocommerce, UPQODE chooses the best ecommerce solution for their client’s needs. Given that UPQODE’s fees vary for each project, small and mid-market businesses can also benefit from their services.




Notism is the favorite design and video collaboration app of tons of creatives from all over the world. It is packed with lots of useful features, and the best interface in the market.


With Notism, you will save tons of time and make your work more enjoyable.


Use this voucher code “BLACK50” and get 50% discount for 3 months.

Our offer ist 50% discount for 3 months with the voucher code (Please include that in the copy)

  1. Now or Never Deal for Admin Dashboard Templates deal on WrapPixel

WrapPixel will help you with some very cool admin dashboard templates. All these products are pixel-perfect and look great on all devices.

Get them with 95% discount.








FoxMetrics is a modern cloud-based web analytics platform that you can for any kind of website you have, to understand which of your marketing efforts work and which should be improved.

Try it for free.

ChimpRewriter is the favorite rewriter tool of 31,316 marketers from all over the world. It uses AI and NLP (natural language processing), and it is the most efficient tool in the industry.

Try it for free for 14 days, you don’t need a credit card.

Joanna Vaoiu is the right SEO specialist for you, no matter what industry you are in and how high are your targets.

Discuss with her for a free quote, she will help you massively increase your website rankings and organic traffic.














BeTranslated offers professional translation services for all your translation needs. Their team of dedicated freelance translators can handle any translation project and deliver it on time.

Get your free quote from BeTranslated and benefit from working with the industry’s leading translation agency.

  1. WPAOS
    “ Your Remote WordPress Partner

If you have multiple WordPress websites, or just one, but it takes you tons of time to properly take care of it, you should hire WP AOS and let experts in this industry do the job in your place.

Get back your free time, work with WP AOS.

Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020 at the checkout to receive a 50% discount on all WordPress services.

SEOWorks is a professional SEO agency that won 15 awards and which works with tons of international companies from all over the world.

For each customer, they create specific SEO strategies and tactics, delivering measurable results.

Get more customers online with SEOWorks.

WhatFontIs is a free, yet the most powerful font identifier in the industry, being loaded with 700k indexed fonts, and being the only system that can identify both free and paid fonts.

Identify fonts from images, websites, and emails with WhatFontIs.

Free to use, even with no registration.

Landingi is the favorite landing page builder of marketers, agencies, and business owners.

It has included beautiful premade designs, an easy to use drag and drop builder, and an intuitive interface.

For this year’s Black Friday, Landingi offers 30% off the Automate plan in the 6 or 12-month subscription.

Fotor is a professional background remover and online photo editor tool that is popular among top marketers and business owners from all over the world.

Check it.

  1. BlabberAll-in-One Elementor Blog & News Magazine WordPress Theme + RTL

Blabber is the single biggest, most powerful, and fastest-growing WordPress theme for blogging, online magazines, and online media stores. In the package, there are over 23 various demo styles and hundreds of unique subpages waiting for you to install them with a single click of your mouse. You can further enhance those pages with custom widgets, shortcodes, premium plugins, and completely change their appearance with the help of the awesome Gutenberg and Elementor page builders that are included in the package.


What’s even more intriguing is that blabber fully enables you to use it as a platform for selling both digital and physical products with its own WooCommerce store. Furthermore, the ThemeREX Addons plugin adds a number of new options for managing the theme’s backend, MailChimp for WP enables you to easily set up your own email newsletter, and Instagram Feed lets you link up your Instagram profile and share the most awesome of your content with your users easily.

  1. Topper – All-in-One Elementor Blog & News Magazine WordPress Theme (Pro Plan)

Consider using the Topper WordPress theme if you need a Gutenberg-ready WordPress theme. It’s perfectly suited for the launch of a blog or media-related web resource. It’s also compatible with the Elementor page builder. Topper also supports all the major WordPress plugins and extensions, both free and premium. It lets you download any of its premium skins for $5, along with advanced plugins and customization options for your web resource.  










Use Pixpa builder to create engaging and high-converting websites in no time, without having any design skills or previous experience.

Give it a try.

Use RumbleTalk to add a moderated chat on your website, in just a few moments and clicks. No experience or skills are needed.


For Black Friday 2020, they’re offering a 50% discount “ 200 seats, 3 rooms, 3 admins, and 10 keywords.


Heroic WordPress Glossary plugin is the best in its industry, helping you add a glossary of terms on your website in just a few moments.

Help your website audience understand all the technical words you use.

Use it for free.









  1. Gutentype – 100% Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Modern Blog + Elementor

Create a unique web resource with a ready-made WordPress theme. Gutentype WordPress theme is a great proof of that. The theme is based on the Gutenberg page builder and includes a wide choice of homepage demos and inner pages. It will work well for blogging and eCommerce purposes. Modifying the theme’s design can be achieved code-free with the Elementor page builder. 















Abstract offers a complete library of API keys and it used with huge success by over 100,000 developers from all over the world.

Get your free API key today.

    – Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

XSTORE is the most complete and customizable WooCommerce theme on the market, being loaded with a massive library of 95+ shop designs that look amazing.

Get it for $39.




Used by millions of marketers, web designers, web strategists, coders, and business owners, from all over the world, Iconscout is the best marketplace to visit if you want to get the best royalty free vector icons, illustrations, 3D elements, and Lottie Animations (coming soon).

They even included a built-in editor to customize the icons and illustrations for your projects.

On Black Friday 2020, they offer a massive 50% discount for all the Annual Subscription plans.











StarterTemplates is the most complete professional package of 600+ Pre-Built website templates for every niche. All the templates look amazing and work effectively with any WordPress theme and page builder. Join the 600,000+ users that already use with huge success these gorgeous templates. Free download!








Rhodos is a powerful, all-in-one solution for all types of business websites. To help you get started with your online project quicker, it features 12 demo styles, many widgets, shortcodes, elements, and a drag & drop page builder for the simplicity of customization. And to install it you only have to press one button. It can also perfectly support a blog and features a number of blog post styles and an email newsletter powered by MailChimp. 


It also works perfectly for online stores, thanks to its integration with the latest version of WooCommerce. Use the fully-customizable galleries added by Essential Grid and make the most out of Revolution Slider’s attention-grabbing capabilities by placing it right on your homepage. The Events Calendar purpose is to make sure your users have easy access to your schedule of upcoming events and activities, and Contact Form 7 provides them with a simple and efficient way of reaching you directly.


Usually on Black Friday everybody is looking for huge discounted things, and this is the right thing to do. But don’t forget that there are companies like WPCustomify, that offer super rates all year long, even if they don’t apply discounts.