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Do essential oils work?

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Essentialoils are used in aromatherapy and they are included in a form of alternative medicine. These are compounds extracted from plants. The oils extracted retains the plant's scent and flavour or the essence. Because of these unique aromatic compounds, different essential oil has its characteristic essence.


These oils are extracted through distillation using steam or water, or mechanical methods like cold pressing. Once the aromatic chemicals are extracted, they are combined with a carrier oil to create a ready-made product which can be used directly. Sometimes essential oils are opting through chemical processes but these are not considered as true essential oils.

How do they work?

Essential oils are mostly used in aromatherapy. They are generally inhaled through the nose or mouth or rubbed on the skin. The chemicals present in essential oils can interact with your body in different ways.

When you apply the oil to your skin, some of the chemicals are absorbed. Certain methods can improve absorption of such oils. If you apply it to different areas of the body or if you apply with heat, then absorption may be better.

When you inhale the aromas from an essential oil, it can stimulate areas of your limbic system. This system is a part of your brain and it is crucial because it plays a role in emotions, sense of smell, behaviours and long-term memory. This system is also essential for forming memories. That is why familiar smells can trigger memories are emotions in people. The limbic system is also crucial because it can control some unconscious physiological functions like breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. In this way, essential oils can also have the physical effect on your body.

Health benefits

Essential oils for many health benefits.

Stress, anxiety and depression

Essential oils can help you by reducing your stress, anxiety and depression. This is an alternative therapy for such people who suffer from any or all of these problems. Smell of some essential oils can relieve stress and anxiety in different people. These oils are also used during a massage and that also helps in relieving stress.

Headaches and migraines

If you dab a peppermint oil and ethanol mixture on the forehead and temples, it can help you to get relief from headache pain. Peppermint and lavender oil, when applied to the skin shows positive effect against headaches. If you use a mixture of chamomile and sesame oil to the temples, it can help you to get relief from headaches and migraines.

Sleep and insomnia

Essential oils are also good for you if you are suffering from sleep problems and insomnia. When you smell lavender oil, it will positively impact the sleep quality of women after childbirth. It can also help people suffering from heart disease to sleep better. Smelling different types of essential oils were found to have positive effects on sleeping habits in different scientific studies.

Reducing inflammation

Essential oils can also help you by reducing inflammation in different parts of your body. They have anti-inflammatory effects and because of that can be used for reducing inflammation. Thyme and oregano essential oil mixture helps in reducing remission of colitis. Caraway and rosemary oils also have similar impacts on people.



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