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How essential oil diffusers work

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Essential oil diffusers work by emitting essential oils into the air. It helps you to inhale and absorb the benefits into your body.

This process can help you to relax better after a stressful day. Most essential oils emit a pleasant scent into the air when you use it in a diffuser. The diffuser also purifies the air at the same time.

Types of oil diffuser

There are different types of diffusers available and each diffuser uses a different process to disperse the essential oils into the air. The different types of all diffusers include-

  • Ultrasonic (Ultrasonic Vibration)
  • Heat (Heat)
  • Evaporative (Wind/Fan)
  • Nebuliser (Force/Atomization)

Ultrasonic diffusion

An electric, ultrasonic diffusion can dispense essential oils into the air using vibrations. This vibration comes from ultrasonic waves. It creates microscopic particles of oil which are then dispersed into the air. It contains a water tank which Should be field and essential oil is generally added to the water.

Heat essential oil diffusers

This type of diffuser uses essential oils, even can use a thicker boil like sandalwood which can easily evaporate into the air when you use a heat diffusion. The diffuser works using melting by a candle. It uses a tray on which essential oil is placed once the tray and the oil reach a high enough temperature.

Evaporative essential oil diffusers

Such a diffuser generally uses a fan. The fan generates a wind that helps oils to evaporate actively.


A nebulizer is generally used in aromatherapy. It is a tool that can I help to release the purist form of essential oils. This diffusion breaks down the oils into atoms and similar to a perfume bottle it discourses the essential oil. That is why it is capable of a better dispersion of the sensual oils and so they allow the essential oils to permeate better.

Nebulizers are similar to inhalers but they are less portable. In general these are used for administering medication to clear airways or 23 infections. You can use it in a bola is your for a longer duration and they are useful in emergency situations.

If you are looking for a high-quality diffuser, then try InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser. It is an upgraded diffusers for essential oils and can be sued in aromatherapy. The cool mist humidifier comes with 7 Colors of lights and 2 mist modes.

It provides controllable mist output. Both misting mode and level are optional, the default misting level is strong, and it lasts for 7-10 hrs in intermittent mode or 4-6 hrs in continuous mode. It comes with a 300ml water tank, and so can provide longer working time, freeing you the trouble of adding water frequently, and allowing you to obtain all-night humidification. It offers waterless auto-off.