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Oils and Aromas – Natural Cleansers

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We didn't always rely on chemical medicine and advanced technology to ward of disease and heal our wounds. In earlier times, some of the brightest doctors and most curious minds experimented with other compounds and essential ingredients that could be found in nature. They discovered, to the benefit of everyone, that some oils and aromas were very good at purifying the air and fighting off disease.

The Black Plague “ Defeated by Natural Ingredients?

Perhaps one of the best examples of this potential benefit can be found in history. Although the Black Plague swept across Asia and Europe with great speed and lethality, some doctors were brave enough to try to cure the infected. These plague doctors would go to villages already in the grip of the disease and bring homemade remedies and concoctions that, potentially, had the ability to defeat the bacteria and viruses running rampant through entire populations.

These doctors would use collections of herbs like rosemary and mixed those together with lemon, clove, and other essential oils to create remedies for the plague victims' symptoms. Over time, although the plague lasted for decades, the plague doctors continued their work, moving across Europe and finding some success, if the stories are to be believed.

One of the most famous natural cures was the legendary Four Thieves Vinegar. The story goes that four thieves were able to steal from the dead with impunity, apparently immune to the plague. When they were caught, they were given their freedom in exchange for their vinegar recipe, which reportedly defended them from the plague. The vinegar was nothing more than regular vinegar infused with spices and herbs.

While this all happened long ago, it is known that the plague eventually vanished from Europe and Asia, and the plague doctors remained. Could it be that modern medicine had forgotten some kind of wisdom from the doctors of the past?

How Can We Use This?

Natural ingredients have long been known to have effects on viruses and bacteria. People all over the world have used incenses, essential oils, and spices to purify the air of their home or village and to protect the sick from further injury.

While modern medicine can work wonders, we can take some of the knowledge of the plague doctors of Europe and Asia and put it use in our everyday lives. With the right oils and aromas, dispersed from essential oil diffusers or other sources, we can make our homes more resilient against possible diseases. When it comes to personal health, there's always room for taking modern medical advice and remedies in addition to more natural cures derived from the ingredients and methods used by many intelligent people before us.

Clean air, free from viruses and bacteria, is a goal we should all strive for. Perhaps essential oils can help.

organic aromas


While it's not known what the exact effects of the natural oil cures of the plague doctors were, it's reasonable to believe that those remedies did help. They can again, if we remember how ancient people warded away disease and plague and integrate that knowledge into our modern lives.