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5 Natural Muscle Relaxers for Post-Workout Recovery

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Are you suffering from painful and tight muscles? Or maybe you keep experiencing muscle spasms and are not sure why. To help with muscle tension, there are various natural muscle relaxers that can help aid your post-workout recovery. Here are five of the best natural muscle relaxers, enabling you to be out of any pain and back on your feet.


If you find that you are suffering from cramps, spasms, and muscle tension after each workout, it may be a sign that your body is not getting enough magnesium. When you consider that over 50% of American citizens are deficient in magnesium, it comes as no surprise at all. Magnesium is a mineral that is required for muscle relaxation. When your body does not receive enough, this causes your muscles to spasm. There are two primary ways to get magnesium into your body, whether it be through supplements or topical oil.


CBD oil is made from cannabis plant flowers. Those not in the know will immediately think oil will make you high, however, this could not be further from the truth. CBD oil does not include any THC (the compound found in cannabis that causes the infamous ˜high'). As CBD oil has no THC, this means it's completely legal to use. The oil can bring you a whole array of benefits, helping reduce chronic inflammation and pain. There are also options to buy hemp oil wholesale, so it's best to check it out and read reviews before you decide if CBD oil is right for you.

Formula 303

Another natural muscle relaxer that you should check out is formula 303. The relaxant is frequently prescribed by chiropractors and other health medical professionals. While the name may sound like a prescription drug, you can be assured that formula 303 only contains natural ingredients such as passion flower, valerian root, and magnesium carbonate. There are plenty of product reviews online that you should have a look at, with the majority claiming that formula 303 is one of the best natural muscle relaxers that they've ever used.

Turmeric Root Powder

If you have ever resorted to taking aspirin, ibuprofen or any other anti-inflammatory drug to alleviate muscle pain, you may not be aware of the side effects that come with them, such as increasing your risk of heart failure and reducing the efficiency of your kidneys. The more you take these drugs, the more risk you have of experiencing such issues. This is where turmeric root powder comes into play. The powder is said to have some of the same pain-killing and anti-inflammatory power as NSAIDS. Research has shown that curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) is said to be more effective than ibuprofen and aspirin for reducing inflammation.

Vitamin D

Like magnesium, vitamin D is another important nutrient that your body needs for relaxed and happy muscles. Vitamin D has all sorts of benefits, such as positively correlating muscle strength, postural stability, and function. This basically means that the more deficient you are in vitamin D, the more your muscles lose their ability to perform and function properly. However, getting the right amount of vitamin D for your body can be tricky. It's advised to get roughly 15 minutes direct sun-to-skin exposure each day to receive most of the benefits of vitamin D.

Muscle tension after a workout can be incredibly painful and stop you in your tracks. Muscle relaxers are a great way to control and manage the pain, but there are several side effects that you may experience, so it's always best to stick to natural muscle relaxers that do not have negative side effects.