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Why Coolsculpting is becoming so Popular

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Scores of people are turning to coolsculpting as a way to get rid of stubborn fat; and thanks to possibly the highest success rate in any fat-loss treatment, a lot more people will be learning about this procedure. Coolsculpting is unique because it gives patients the same results, every time; with about 30% of fat cells in the treatment area being completely eliminated. Most patients are happy with the treatment and are able to get back to work faster than they would be able to with a procedure like liposuction. It also doesn’t hurt that coolsculpting is way more affordable.

Let’s look at a few other reasons coolsculpting is so popular today:

It’s Non-Invasive

This is perhaps the biggest appeal to patients. It also means that patients recover quickly and don’t lose money from being out of work. The procedure itself uses cryolipolysis, a method of freezing fat cells in a targeted area without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues. Once the fat cells are frozen, the body then gets rid of them naturally over the course of a few weeks, leaving you lighter and healthier – with literally no downsides – and the best part is you can get treatment on your abdomen, flanks, arms, back, inner and outer thighs, butt, etc. 

The only known side effects are discomfort, mild irritation or bruising at the treatment area but they go away quickly and are highly unlikely for most patients. Patients with extremely sensitive skin may experience mild discomfort during and after the procedure but this doesn’t normally cause serious health concerns.

It Takes Only Minutes 

The procedure is very simple to do and although the total time for each session depends on the area being treated, it generally doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. You can literally fit a coolsculpting session into your lunch break and go back to work without a problem. Patients who want to have a larger area treated can opt to use two or more coolsculpting devices at the same time in every treatment session. It helps save time and gets you good results fast.

The other option is to use a device called the CoolAdvantageâ„¢ applicator, which uses much lower temperatures to freeze fat cells. It shortens the treatment sessions and gives you faster results.

It Offers Natural-Looking Results

There’s always a concern with patients undergoing cosmetic procedures that everything could go completely wrong and they come out looking worse; but that’s not the case with coolsculpting. Risks at very low, if any, and it enhances your natural-looking body and leaves you a more enhanced version of yourself. Results appear over several weeks after the procedure, giving you plenty of time to get used to your new figure. It’s a lot like intense exercise in that it allows you to get in shape over time; and because there’s no surgery involved, it doesn’t leave any scarring. 

Effects Are Long Lasting

Improvements are gradual and it can take up to six months to see the full effects of your procedure; however, effects are long lasting provided you keep a healthy lifestyle and avoid fatty foods. For the best long-term results, it helps to have a fitness routine that involves good nutrition, plenty of water, and good sleeping habits.