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Alkaline diet tips

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The following tips will make it easier for you to follow an alkaline diet and get the maximum benefit possible.

Lemon water

Hydration is very critical for you and you need to take proper care to ensure that you are hydrated. However, it is possible to improve the quality of water so that it can some extra benefit while drinking your water. Your ideal drink should be alkaline, ionised water. The first one of that can be lemon water. Lemon water can offer you so many benefits including better taste so that you drink more, it is mildly alkaline and it is a great kickstart to your digression on metabolism.

In about 500 ml of lukewarm water, you can squeeze one fourth of a lemon and then drink it. You will get all the benefits of lemon water from one such drink every day.

Greens are very important

If you can get five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, it is great for you. Some people want to include five servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits. If you consume green foods, it will help you to take your health, energy and vitality to a new level. You can have a salad with every meal and that will provide you with lots of green vegetables. It is also possible to disguise green foods with a little bit of creativity so that nobody can see, taste or smell it. You can also get lots of greens with the help of sprouts. Sprouted seeds will provide you more benefit and you will get it fast.

Filter your water

By filtering the water you consume every day you cannot only save yourself from problems but it will also help you to ensure that you are consuming alkaline water. Tap on bottled water are full of toxins and have acidic pH and they also have an ORP of +202 to +400, which can kill cells in your body and it is an oxidant which will age you. On the other hand, ionised and alkaline water do not have toxins, has a pH of 9.5 and also has ORP of up to -450, which makes it is strongly antioxidant and so helps you by working as an anti-ageing as and. You will find the difference easily after 30 days if you consume 2 L of water every day.

De stress

Your emotions can be 10 times more acidifying than any food or drink. If you are under stress, it makes your body feel bad and you may experience aches, pains and other physical problems. Stress is the cause of such problems. It is very important for you to remove stress, anxiety, fear, anger, guilt and other emotions. That will help you to feel better and your overall health will also improve if you know how to de stress.

Have information about alkaline foods

It is very important for you to have the necessary information about alkaline foods. If you know what makes a food alkaline or acid, it will be easier for you to choose the food and avoid some others so that you continue to consume alkaline foods and avoid all the acid foods.

Eat more of alkaline foods

There are many alkaline foods available which will help you to eat an alkaline diet. These foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, including spinach, grapefruit, citrus, dates, raisins, tomatoes, avocado, alfalfa, barley, cucumber, wheatgrass, kale, broccoli, oregano, garlic, ginger, green beans, cabbage, celery, red beet, watermelon, figs and ripe bananas; raw foods; alkaline water; plant proteins; green drinks etc.


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