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Why do you need to eat an alkaline diet?

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Even though it may seem that alkaline diet is another fad diet, which will disappear after some time, it may not be true. Alkaline diet has been there for a long time and because of the basic benefits it offers, it is going to stay. It is important for you because blood pH and alkalinity versus acidity and about survival and not weight loss.

Our bodies can function at an optimal level if the blood pH is just above 7.0, which is neutral or just at an alkaline level, which is higher than 7.0. If the blood pH is acidic, which means it is lower than 7.0, it can cause serious health problems.

That is why, it is important to balance your pH. Once you balance your pH level, you will notice-

  • a huge increase in energy levels
  • better digestion
  • easier fat loss,
  • less pain from inflammation related conditions like arthritis
  • better moods
  • better mental focus

And similar other many benefits

How our bodies naturally arrive with their blood pH

Our bodies' systems work better if we have an alkaline pH. But during the everyday metabolic processes which include digestion, breathing, tissue repair, elimination and others, it produces a lot of acid. So, to keep our blood pH in neutral or slightly alkaline state will need to take care of this acid and that can be done with the help of three things-water, oxygen and acid buffering minerals.

Money workout a move our bodies, the bodies produce carbon dioxide and lactic acid and both of them are acidic. We need to neutralise them or remove them from the body. Our bodies have alkaline buffers like bicarbonate and they can neutralise such acids. But if you combine that along with stress and acidic foods, than there may be too much of acid in the body. Over time, your body then can turn to precious alkaline minerals like calcium from your bones and teeth to maintain an optimal pH.

Other factors influencing blood pH

our bodies produce acids from different processes but there are a number of other factors which can affect our blood pH. Among them stress is the biggest one. When you are under stress, it forces the body's cells and make them more active as a result of that they produced more acid.

Other factors that can influence your gut pH are environmental toxins, toxins and metals in food, lack of sleep and illness.

All these factors can make our blood pH to acidic. And if you combine that with a diet which is high in acidic foods and low in alkaline foods, they can result in disaster for your body and mind.

Alkaline and acidic foods

You can classify the foods that you consume into alkaline or acidic foods.

Alkaline forming foods include most vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, seeds and herbal teas.

Acid forming foods include most grains, meats, beings, dairy products, fish, fast food and processed foods.

For any reason if your blood pH is too acidic, you will have to add more alkaline foods. You need to maintain a ratio of 80% alkaline to 20% acidic in your body.

Why is it important?

Rizvi very important to maintain blood pH of about 7.4 so that your body's different functions can run smoothly and healthily. Our bodies have some mechanism designed specifically to maintain that level. That is why this mechanism will ensure that the blood pH level is maintained even at the cost of bone and tissue.


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