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Why You Must Talk to Your Doctor Before Taking Dietary Supplements

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There are various reasons why one may be motivated to take dietary supplements. Different individuals have varying reasons why they take these supplements. Some may consider them as a way of managing weight, boosting energy, to improve sleep, to increase muscles, or enhance vision among others. It is important to state that not all dietary supplements are harmful to your health. In fact, most supplements in the market today have numerous benefits to your body. As the field of nutritional supplements continues to grow, the risks associated with these products also increases. The National Institute of Health’s Office of Dietary supplements estimates that about 50% of Americans are on dietary supplements.


The field of dietary supplements is a billion dollar industry. The risk posed by these drugs is higher compared to prescription drugs since the latter is under strict regulation by FDA. For any prescription drugs to be legalized for sale, it has to undergo laid down procedures that prove its efficacy and safety. This is not so for the nutritional supplements. Most of these supplements are promoted as natural products devoid of any side effects. Not all dietary supplements have adverse side effects, actually, a majority of them are safe. Consider the case of Birthorderplus. This is a website where you can get genuine reviews on weight loss, health, beauty, and skin care supplements review. It is a site worth visiting if you want information on proven, unbiased nutritional supplements.


Some dietary supplements have been recalled from the market by FDA, based on evidence of their harmful side effects. They include; Hydroxycut, Ephedra, Meridia, and Fen-Phen among others. This is an indication that though these products are promoted as natural, with no side effects, they can pose severe threats to your health. This becomes reason enough to consult your doctor before taking these products.


The following are reasons why you should consult your doctor before taking dietary supplements.

Unproved interactions with prescription drugs.

Prescription drugs always undergo scientific research to establish their safety and interactions with other drugs. This isn't the case with nutritional supplements. Though they are termed as natural, their interactions with prescription drugs can lead to severe complications and fatalities. Before taking any nutritional supplements, consult your doctor. They may have information about any known side effects of these drugs. For example, ginseng and ginkgo have been associated with harmful interactions in patients taking psychiatric drugs.

Underlying health conditions.

Most individuals with underlying health conditions are on some prescription drugs. These individuals are still the primary target of the nutritional supplements. The drug interactions between the prescription medicines they are taking and the supplements may worsen their health conditions. If you are on any medication, discuss this with your doctor before going for any nutritional supplements. High dose of garlic can lead to excessive bleeding by acting as a blood thinner, same results have been recorded for green tea and vitamin K supplements.

Dosage. Research on prescription drugs establishes the dosage.

Nutritional supplements have no scientific backing for the required dosage of these products. If you overload your body with a specific nutrient, you will suffer health imbalance. If you are planning to take health supplements, your doctor will be a helpful asset in guiding you with the relevant information on the benefits and risks of dietary supplements.


If you are to limit the adverse effects of dietary supplements, it is critical to discuss any nutritional supplements you may be intending to take with your doctor. Nutritional supplements will be beneficial to your body if you are armed with the essential information on their use & potential side effects from a trustworthy authority.