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Some products and techniques for Lipoma cure

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Lipomas are generally harmless deposits of fat under the skin and Lipomas are mostly seen around the neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, arms and thighs, and aren't painful. Lipomas don't create any problems of their own, but a dermatologist can remove them if you want so. People of any age can develop a Lipoma.

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There are many treatments one can undergo for getting rid of Lipomas.

One of the methods, though not so much proven, is Injection Lipolysis or Lipodissolve. With this method, a doctor can inject phosphatidyl choline/sodium deoxycholate (PDC/DC) compounds in the subcutaneous fat. This practice is being used extensively as non-surgical option and to dissolve localized collection of excess fat. But whether the method is really useful for treating Lipomas needs further evaluation.

If performed by a trained doctor, injection lipolysis could prove to be a safe and cost effective treatment for a Lipoma patient.

Products Available

It is always better to choose natural remedy for treating Lipomas instead of taking heavy doses of medicines or undergoing surgery. There are also not many products available in the market for treating Lipomas externally. But before we discuss about treating the problem naturally, take a look at the following list of products or methods which can be used for treating Lipomas:

1.Collagenase injections (Xiaflex or Xiapex). But this treatment option is rarely available.

2. Deoxycholate injections may help you get rid of Lipomas. But multiple rounds needed.

3. LipoDissolve (Lipostabil) injections can also be used to treat Lipomas, but again multiple rounds are needed.

4. Ozone therapy (EBOO) and Ozone sauna. But these two processes are expensive.

5. Paleo diet, water fasting and ketogenic diet.

6. Sodium Bicarbonate can be injected into a Lipoma. But it is not in practice. This was once suggested by an Italian doctor. But don't go for this treatment.

7. Steroid injections like Triamcinolone Acetonide can prove effective in curing Lipomas.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide with diatomaceus earth is a potent treatment.

9. An Ayurvedic medicine named Triphala can be effective too. But , a miracle with scientific proof?

10. Use of Dichloroacetic acid has shown some results in treating Lipomas.

11. Hypertonic Hot Saline Injections

12. Glycine

13. A Thai Lipobalm named Bariena Lunulina

14. Fibrovan

15. Apricot seeds

16. Lemon water

17. Hard apple cider

18. Noni juice + Grape seed extract

19. Curcumin (Turmeric)

20. Serrapeptase enzyme

21. Beta-Glucan

22. Chinese herbs

23. Schuessler Salts (Klaus’ Protocol)

24. Propolis

25. Ultrasound

Additional advice for fatty deposits:


2.Quit consuming saturated fats and refined oils.

3.Avoid foods with additives, white flour, meat, milk and dairy products.

4.All natural spices, fruits and vegetables eliminate toxins.

5.Drink one glass of lukewarm lemon water.

6.Use omega-3 fatty acids.

7.Add sprouts in your diet.  

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