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vegan food

Choosing to cut out animal products is more than just a diet choice, it is a whole lifestyle. And with well over half a million vegans currently in the UK, you are not alone.

But ensuring you get sufficient nutrients from your plant-based diet is essential for your good health. Here are five ways to look after yourself as a vegan.

  1. Take it slowly

If switching over to a totally plant-based life seems daunting, then take your time so you can create new diet and lifestyle habits that stick. You may also need to allow a little time for your digestion to adjust to a new way of eating as well as potentially new flavours, dishes, and cooking styles.

If the idea of going vegan all at once is a little overwhelming, start by making smaller changes, such as increasing the number of plant-based foods you eat, while steadily removing meat and dairy-based products and experimenting with ingredient swaps.

  • Know your food sources

Whether you follow a meat or plant-based diet, you should be able to get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need for normal health and vitality. However, with a vegan diet it's important to know your food sources so you eat a balanced diet and can prevent any specific vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Plant-based foods are an excellent source of fibre for digestion, carbohydrates for energy and good fats for many bodily functions, including brain, eye, and heart health. You should also eat appropriate amounts of vitamin and mineral rich ingredients and understand the best food combinations for maximum nutrition. Iron for example is needed for transporting oxygenated blood around your body and sustaining your energy levels. However, the type of iron found in plant-based foods needs to be eaten with ingredients rich in vitamin C to ensure maximum absorption.

Developing a good understanding of vegan food sources means you can eat an appropriately balanced diet that reduces the risk of any nutrient deficiencies.

  • Don't forget your protein

Contrary to popular belief, it is easy for vegans to get their daily amount of required protein through plant-based ingredients. Vegan sources of protein include tofu, soybeans, lentils, beans, oatmeal, and chickpeas “ all staple ingredients of really delicious food.

You should aim to eat 55g of protein per day if you are a man, or 45g for women. And the beauty of plant-based protein is that it is generally healthier than animal protein as it is lower in saturated fat.

  • Make sure you eat enough

As many plant-based foods have less calories than a meat-based diet, it is important that as a vegan you eat enough food for your physical health and wellbeing. And this may mean eating more than you would on a diet based on animal products.

Sufficient calories are also needed to sustain energy levels and prevent unwanted weight loss so make sure that when planning your meals, you are meeting your recommended daily calorie intake for your age, lifestyle, and activity levels.

  • Consider a multivitamin supplement

Particularly if you are a new vegan and are still adjusting to a new diet, it may be beneficial to also add in daily multivitamin tablets which contain iron. This way you can ensure you are safeguarding your health by making up for any potential nutrient shortfalls as you adjust to and embrace the vegan diet and lifestyle.

hgh therapy

Hormones are very crucial for human beings. They play a part in nearly every major body function, including growth. If someone is not capable of producing enough hormone, growth hormone therapy is the solution for them.

Several glands in the body produce hormones but the pituitary gland is the master control gland. It produces the hormone that triggers growth in human beings. It also controls other glands. It produces HGH, which is important for growth.

Why use it?

HGH is crucial to growth, especially in children, but it is also involved in different processes happening inside the body. Growth hormone levels can change through the day. Exercise and similar activities can increase the levels naturally. Sleep, stress and low blood sugar levels can also increase growth hormone levels.

Synthetic human growth hormone was developed in 1985 and it was approved by the FDA. HGH injections are also approved for treating short stature and poor growth of children due to different medical conditions.

In adults HGH is approved for different medical issues including-

  • Short bowel syndrome, 
  • HGH deficiency due to rare pituitary tumours or some treatment, 
  • muscle wasting disease

Synthetic HGH is used to counteract the slowdown of growth that happens in some people. It is also a way to stave off some of the changes linked to ageing such as decreased bone mass and muscle.

A simple injection of HGH can offer several important benefits such as:

  • Increased exercise capacity
  • Increased bone density
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Decreased body fat

HGH treatment is approved to treat adults who suffer from growth hormone deficiency seen in some people. Some people also use HGH as they believe it can help in building muscle, improving performance and slowing down ageing.

Growth Hormone deficiency

Anyone who is suffering from growth hormone deficiency is likely to show some symptoms. These symptoms in children may include:

  • Looking much younger than other children of their age
  • Having a chubby body
  • Short stature
  • Delayed puberty
  • Impaired hair growth

In case of adults, lack of growth hormone may happen due to damage to the pituitary gland, because of radiation therapy, a head injury or infections such as meningitis.

If there is a lack of HGH in case of adults, it can cause a number of different problems:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Tiredness
  • Weak heart
  • Increase fat around the waist
  • Increased risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Weak muscles and bones
  • Reduced ability to think
  • Other medical conditions.

Do you need HGH therapy?

If you, as an adult, have a growth hormone deficiency, HGH therapy can help you to improve your condition. However, it is important to find the authentic and reliable HGH therapy providers to get the benefits without any possible side effects. Authentic HGH therapy providers like hghtherapydoctor.us offer different solutions for patients of different ages.

It is also important for you if you are suffering from growth hormone deficiency. Such deficiency can be caused by a benign tumour on the pituitary gland or because of treatment for a medical condition.

Let me put it straight to you.

Do you think your ears are working as they should?

I know you're tempted to say, Oh yes!¯ But don't be too certain. Many people, maybe even you and I, are struggling with hearing loss. According to the World Health Organization, over 5% of the world’s population “ approximately 430 million people “ have some degree of hearing loss.

Yet, everyone claims their ears are working perfectly. This begs the question: who are those people being referred to in the WHO report?

I suspect you. LOL! Maybe I'm wrong. But just in case, below are 7 common signs that signal hearing loss. If you're experiencing any of these signs, then I'm afraid I might be right about you.

7 signs you may have hearing loss

  • You say What?¯ a lot

It's normal to ask a friend to repeat themselves when you can't hear them. Absolutely normal.

But when Say what?¯ Huh?¯ What?¯ or What did you say?¯ is becoming your newest mantra, then you need to watch yourself.

It's not normal to always need people to repeat themselves before you can grasp what they say. It clearly shows you're having trouble picking up sound signals. Without a doubt, you need to get hearing aids from the best audiologist near you before things get out of hand.

  • You misunderstand people a lot

It’s one thing to hear someone; it’s another to understand them. Many a time, we find ourselves in situations where we hear what the other party is saying, but we misinterpret it to mean something else.

For example, a friend could say, You just missed it,¯ whereas you hear, You just misted.¯ Then you're left wondering what he means. No, he didn't say that bro, it's you who's having trouble picking up sounds correctly.

You had better go for a hearing test before you fumble at your next interview.

  • You have ringing in your ears

This is the symptom everyone waits for to confirm whether they have a hearing disorder or not “ the unending disturbances in the ears.

Popularly known as tinnitus, it's believed that an estimated 30% of the global population actually suffers from this condition.

Although many believe tinnitus only signals damage to the auditory system, the fact is it that it can appear even in the early stages of hearing loss.

My advice is that you should contact an ear doctor in Canada, like the ones at houseofhearing.ca, the moment you start having any form of ringing in your ears.

  • You always find yourself speaking loudly

When we’re in clubs, at parties, and in other noisy environments, speaking loudly to friends is normal, because we feel the noise might be getting in the way.

But when you find yourself doing this even in a serene environment, then something is clearly off with you. The only reason someone would feel the other party can't hear them clearly unless they shout or speak loudly is if they themselves are struggling with hearing loss.

In other words, you can't hear others or yourself well, so you think everyone is the same as you. As a result, you feel like you always have to raise your tone for them to hear you.

You need hearing aids, my friend.

  • You can't cope in noisy environments

Even at parties and in clubs and other noisy environments, folks still chat, laugh, exchange pleasantries, and have a good time with one another.

You know why? Because we all have an innate ability to mask out background noises and focus on speech when we need to.

If you, on the other hand, can't seem to concentrate or hear clearly in these sorts of places, then you need to book an appointment with an ear doctor in Canada, because something is off with your ears.

  • You find it hard to talk with children and women

Everybody knows that women and kids tend to speak at a much higher pitch than men. Unfortunately, the higher-pitched voices of women and children can pose a big challenge for people with hearing loss.

When you have trouble hearing your little girl speak, or you can’t seem to grasp a thing from the 30-minute lecture your grandma just gave you, then it might be that you’re suffering from a very common type of hearing loss known as high-frequency hearing loss.

Luckily, this kind of hearing loss is easily corrected with the help of digital hearing aids. When you book an appointment with an ear doctor for hearing aids in Toronto, they'll help you design custom-built hearing aids. Custom hearing aids are programmed to respond differently to sounds at different pitches.

That way, when you come across a high-pitched voice, your hearing aids will boost the volume, causing the sound to appear louder than normal.

  • You can't hold a telephone conversation without first turning down the volume of your TV

There are two points here to suggest you have hearing loss.

Firstly, remember that “innate ability to block out background noise” we mentioned earlier. It should be possible for you to simply block out the background sound of your TV and focus on your call “ unless, of course, you have hearing loss.

Secondly, if your TV feels too loud every time you want to answer a call, it was probably too loud in the first place. If not, why would the sound become suddenly disturbing? The only logical explanation is that it was too high. And the logical explanation for needing to raise your TV volume so high is that you’re struggling to hear clearly at lower volumes. This suggests that you have hearing loss.

What are hearing aids?

Throughout this post, we’ve mentioned the word “hearing aids” several times. We understand that not many people know what this really means. So let’s clarify.

Hearing aids are small electronic devices designed to tackle different types of hearing loss. At their core, these aids are made up of microphones, computer chips, speakers, and a battery.

How do hearing aids help with hearing loss?

Hearing aids help you hear better by amplifying the sounds reaching the inner chambers of your ears. There are two common design styles in use, and those are the in-the-ear¯ (ITE) and behind-the-ear¯ (BTE) styles.

But the mode of operation is almost the same in both cases. The sound from the environment reaches your ear, and the hearing aid's microphone picks it up. A built-in computer chip then amplifies and processes this sound before sending it to a speaker, which delivers the sound in a pitch your ear can quickly understand.

medical residency

The world has not been the same for anyone since the Covid-19 pandemic. This is especially true for those fighting on the front lines each and every day since this virus struck in 2019.

Not only has the pandemic affected doctors and nurses that treat these patients around the clock, but it has left the world in dire need of more health care professionals. Sadly, due to the closure of borders and all of the health care practices put into place, finding medical residency in the US can be difficult, leaving many soon-to-be doctors unobtainable.

The struggle for access to US-based medical residency may no longer be something holding our future front-liners back. Thanks to Residents Medical Group, finding a residency program no matter where you are located in the world could still be a possibility, but it may not be easy.

Services Provided by Residents Medical Group

While the numbers are lower than ever before, Residents Medical Group is still moving on full-steam ahead. They provide services to help pair residents, including FMGs, into the best residency location with the training and experience to match the medical graduate with the perfect programs.

The Resident Medical Group program helps medical graduates integrate into an accredited residency training program where they work directly with residents, attendants, and the program director in a professional clinical setting to get the hands-on experience that will open doors for each participant once they complete the program and receive their medical license. 

A huge service the company provides is the ability to process thousands of foreign medical graduate applications and help them obtain a VISA to complete their education in the states. Because nearly 40% of US general practitioners are FMG, this program is essential to keeping offices and hospitals filled with many qualified doctors of medicine.

Once an application is accepted, applicants have the ability to choose from different packages offered through Resident Medical Group, which helps them gain the skill, behaviors, and traits necessary to get through the residency program and then land the job of their dreams.

How the Pandemic May Change Medical Residencies

There are numerous benefits to the Residents Medical Group, with the obvious being the ability to match foreign medical graduates or FMG's to the best fitting US residency program, suiting their strengths and skills.

In the past (or pre-covid days), thousands of well-trained and talented FMG's were able to come over to the U.S for the best residency opportunities available, giving the world well-qualified and high-quality doctors once the program was completed.

With the borders being closed and VISAs on hold, these doctors are unable to utilize the great services offered through Residents Medical Group and other programs like it. The lack of residence creates a lack of new skilled doctors, which is a serious problem during a worldwide virus breakout.

More people than ever are searching for qualified doctors to help keep them alive and well, with not as many residents passing their courses and being certified and licensed to provide the necessary treatments.

Residencies Need In-Person Instructions

In order to adapt to the new way of life¯ while the world is trying to get a hold of this extremely infectious and dangerous virus, medical schools in the nation are doing their best to keep residents learning. Doctors have access to the clinics and instruction needed to finish their educational journey to begin their full-time careers in the healthcare field.

To accommodate residents in this trying time, the Residents Medical Group is working over-time processing applications and closely working with medical schools to continue providing options to residents at home and abroad.

Although it is the best we can hope for at this time, it doesn't seem to be enough. Residents who work hard to have the opportunity of obtaining a US residency now have to rely on virtual clinics, waive USMLE requirements, and forgo the US experience altogether. Leaving America short-handed on qualified doctors and disappointed qualified doctors.

Without these residents having the opportunity to obtain their VISA, America and the rest of the world are missing out on the many doctors we have never needed more so than now.

All Hope is Not Lost

No, Covid-19 doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. However, the way the world is beginning to learn about it, and from it, we are slowly finding a way to work around it, including the possibilities of opening the borders sooner than later.

There is no better time than now for medical graduates to start putting in their applications to the Residents Medical Group; the process may be slow, but it is still ongoing, and the need for doctors is higher now than ever.

Hopefully, the once ambitious FMG's haven't lost all hope yet and are ready and waiting once the doors are opened back up.

oral health
Source: Personal Trainer Pioneer

When you think of health, it's easy to forget about your mouth. Oral health is something that many people don’t get too concerned about, possibly because they simply don’t know how important it is. The fact is that the mouth is one of the first lines of defense against diseases. 

It's no secret that poor oral hygiene can cause problems such as cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems. However, it's not just your mouth that suffers. Having bad oral health can affect your health overall. While not all tooth-related problems are life threatening, there are several illnesses that can be pretty serious. In this post, we're going to show you how an unhealthy mouth can give you an unhealthy body.

What You Should Know About Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection characterized by the inflammation of the tissues and bone that hold your teeth in place. A slimy coat that forms on your teeth all the time (known as plague,) causes this infection.  Your gums will become inflamed ( red, bloated, and swollen,) as your body responds to the illness.

Gum disease is the most prevalent cause of tooth loss in adults. It is also typically coupled with a great deal of pain and discomfort. In extension, the discomfort can have a bad impact on your self-esteem. Worse still, it has the potential to influence your behavior, in a negative way.

What is the Link Between Oral and Overall Health?

Good oral health is almost as crucial as good general health. In fact, dental specialists like Orthodontist in Sydney have now started to view oral health as a window to the rest of the body, giving signals that something may be off in systems other than the mouth. 

For example, mouth lesions may signify an HIV infection. Gum bleeding that does not stop could be a sign of a blood problem. Tooth loss can be a visible symptom of an eating disorder, and bone loss in the lower jaw can be an early sign of skeletal osteoporosis.

How is this possible? The mouth is a conducive environment for microorganisms. Most of these microorganisms are harmless as they aid in the breakdown of food and the production of saliva, keeping the mouth moist and conducive for chewing and swallowing. 

However, dental problems such as cavities and tooth decay, and periodontal diseases, can cause these microorganisms to spread and multiply and may stimulate bacterial growth and lead to increased risk of infections and disease.

Possible Infections and Diseases that Bacteria in the Mouth may Cause:

  • Pneumonia 

Pneumonia is a condition where the lungs are filled with fluid, causing the people suffering from it to find it hard to breathe. Bacteria in your mouth can go to your lungs and cause respiratory illnesses like pneumonia.

  • Endocarditis  

Endocarditis is a bacterial infection that involves the inner linings of the heart or your heart chambers. It spreads through the bloodstream and is usually caused by bacteria from the mouth. In the United States, endocarditis affects about 30,000 people each year. In most of these cases, endocarditis occurs when bacteria from the mouth get into the bloodstreams. However, it can also be caused by infection from other body sites.

  • Cardiovascular Diseases  

Recent research suggests that infections produced by oral bacteria may be linked to constricted arteries, a major feature of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Pregnancy Complications

More than 50 million Americans suffer from periodontitis, which is a condition that affects the tissues supporting the teeth. It has been discovered that people who have had periodontitis since birth or early childhood may also have higher risks of more complicated pregnancies.


Every area of your body requires and deserves attention, and every facet of your health has an impact on other parts and systems. This is not something to be taken lightly. From a dental standpoint, a good oral hygiene practice will do wonders for your teeth, mouth, and smile, and will fortify the rest of your body as well.

young teenage parents

The United States has established an outstanding program supporting pregnant and parenting teens to achieve greatness in parenthood. They offer the utmost care to adolescent parents, including medical, emotional, social well-being, and academic support. Such impeccable services play a significant role in the growth of the baby and parent themselves effectively. Following are some top-notch sources that support pregnant and parenting teens across the United States:

The National Parent Helpline

It focuses on offering guardians and parents emotional support as well as referring them to necessary service care. This organization is around the clock to help parents who might encounter any issue in their endeavors. Their talented specialist team carefully guides them on any undertaking to rise to the pinnacle. This bill came into light around April 18, 2021, by Senator Barbara Boxer to establish the National Parent Helpline grants program. It has recently donated roughly 149 million to boost parents and guardians through empowerment strategies and emotional support programs, making many families stronger.

Focus on the Pregnant and Parenting Youth Demands in the Foster Care

This incentive discusses the primary services ushered to the pregnant and parenting youth in their respective homes by John H Chafee Foster Care Program. It ensures children are successfully transitioned to the Parenthood, Parenting Program, and Adolescent Pregnancy. Besides, it offers remarkable strategies specifically to enhance the outcome for the parenting and pregnant youth in the home care program.

Young Parents

It shares detailed information pertaining to pregnant and parenting teens’ medical and educational rights schooling in the United States. It also provides information where these teens’ parents can flawlessly access the support sources like financial benefits, support groups, and child care. They also recommend how the individual can stay healthy and contribute to the health programs religiously. The main challenge faced by teen parents is raising their dear child while figuring out teenage life, future, school, and work. Additionally, they usually face criticism throughout their life. Beware that an individual teen parent meets different kinds of problems in the communities’ surroundings.

Teen Parenting Service Network

The organization offers outstanding information on pregnant and parenting teens in their respective care in Illinois. It supports educational mentoring, family support services, case management, clinical therapy, and referral. Its management team shares its mission and objectives, including training resources, targeted demographics, and essential program components. They have collaborated with the UCAN cooperation to offer quality services to young adults and their kids. The bill states that pregnant and parenting teens should equally share legal rights and community-based services and programs. Such usual services include daycare, health care, educational, placements, and independent living programs.

Teen Parenting Service Network offers programmatic support to the parenting agencies and case management that service a significant population in the United States. Moreover, it provides a wide range of supportive schemes and direct services to continue scaling higher globally.

Teens Parents

It elaborates on preparing youths for adulthood and principles to be considered in achieving a great future. It is proven that young parents face numerous challenges while raising their beloved kids. Once the parent subscribes to this program, they deeply understand the dynamics which their teenager might encounter as a parent. Let’s discuss some challenges adolescent parents may face in the future:

1. Childcare

It’s very challenging to resort to high-quality and pocket-friendly children’s care in most communities.

2. Finding a job

According to the support pregnant and parenting teens research report, teenagers find it difficult to resort to the job that suits their needs while schooling and parental responsibilities.

3. Depression

The report shows that teen mothers have higher chances of encountering depression. This acute condition is primarily caused by juggling responsibilities, becoming a parent, and stress in relationships. It can lead to substance abuse such as alcohol and marijuana.

4. Repeat births

Approximately 17 percent of babies born by the younger generation are likely to face repeat births. Once a teenager poses more than a kid, the chances for accomplishing the school reduce significantly. Such individuals may never earn enough money or find quality child care due to the prevailing issues. Moreover, it pulls along with the higher infant mortality and low birth weight.

5. Transitioning to adulthood

Parenthood isn’t an easy task despite having an adult with vast experience behind you. Teens are likely to suffer because they haven’t completely developed themselves. For instance, they may be feeling isolated from their close friends. Some might feel unprepared, especially for parenthood.

Strategies for boosting pregnant and parenting teens in the foster care

It analyses and determines the challenges kids’ welfare organizations face when operating with pregnant and parenting teens in foster care. Its main aim is to foster healthy development among teens parents in the United States.

I had  written  two  articles  prior to  this  one  relating  to the  Yoga  and  its  assistance  taken  to overcome  COVID infection and the  second  paper  which  explained  in detail  the assistance of  Homeopathy  in the  cure  of  COVID.     The  papers  have  been  blogged on the  web.   However,  recently  I  was  exposed  to  a  COVID+  person  and  the  following  transpired  and the  details  given  below  is  my  first  hand   experience  with  the  infection “

1.    Over  the  next  two  days there  was  great  pain  in the  movement  of  the legs especially  the ankles  and  there  was  intense  paid in the palms  while  trying to  open  the  hands  and there  was   also  sudden  shooting up of the  blood pressure.   I  immediately  started  taking  the homeopathic  medicine  Arsenicum  album  30  and  after  two  doses  (the  doses  separated  by about  two  hours)   the  pulse  rate  stabilized   and the  pain  in the  head  disappeared.  The blood  pressure  also  dropped.  I  continued  with the  medication  and the  pain  in the body  also  gradually  went away  by the  next day. 

2.    In  addition  to the above  medication  I was  carrying on  with  the  Deep  Yogic  breath  under the  system of  Hatha  Yoga  and  the  oxygen  absorption  went  up to the  normal  of  99 +  in the  oximeter.    

3.    The  other  developments  have  been  that I  have  taken  the  following  ayurvedic  and  homeopathic  / biochemic  medicines  which  help  in the  improvement  of  immunity  within the  human  body   and  list  them  below 

a. AMRUTH –  one  tablet  in the morning  and  one  tablet  in the  evening .

b. KABASURA  KUDINEER  –  One  tablet  in the  morning  and  one  tablet  in the  evening  after  meals.

c. BIO-CHEMIC  –    

  • Ferrum Phos  12x  )  4+4+4  tablets  in lukewarm  water once
  •  Calc. Phos.    in the morning  and one  in the  evening                              
  • Kali  Mur. 6x       during  the  course  of the  infection and  even later.

d.  One  symptom  which  was seen  in most  of the  COVID  patients  as  well as in my case  was  that  the  taste  buds  were  affected as  well  as  the  smell  for  a  few  days.   To overcome  this  development ,  and  specially  the  appetite  which was  also  affected  the following  medicines  were  given  with  quick  relief  and the  medicines are  –

*Calcarea  Carb

* Ipecac

* Pulsatilla

all  in the  30th  potency.   The appetite  of the  patient  was  improved  and  thereby the  physical  condition  of the  patient  also  improved.   The  patients  have  felt  pain  in the  lower  abdomen  specially  the  right  side  with  heaviness  in the  entire  lower  abdomen.  In  such  a  situation  the patient  needs to be  given  Calcarea  Carb  and  it  was  found  that the  pain  and  discomfort  reduced  immediately by a  good  50%  or more  within  24  hours  and the  condition  continues  to  improve  as  you take  the medicine  till full recovery.

Further  symptoms  tend  to  surface  and  these  relate to  heavy  breathing  with  rattling  in bronchial  tubes,  heaviness  in  the  head  and  with the  development of these  symptoms  the  patient  needs to be  given   Bryonia  immediately  together  with  Antimonium  Tartaricum  6 / 30  and you  will find  that the  rattling  cough  and  phlegm  will dislodge   and  come  out  and  the  patient  will find  it  easier   to  breathe.  With  the improvement   in breathing  the oxygen  absorption  in the  human  system also  improves   and the  patient   proceeds  towards  full  recovery.

The  one  medicine  which  helps  in the  prevention  and  recovery  of a  patient  affected  with  COVID  virus  is the  medicine  Camphor  1M  and  which  should  be  taken in small  doses  on  an  alternate  day  basis  and  which  means  5-6  globules  at  a time  on  alternate  days.  Taken  over  a  period  of  time this medicine  prevents  and  cures  COVID virus.   Camphor  1M  was  taken by me  and  the  heaviness in  breathing  was  immediately  stopped  and the  breathing  came  back  to normal.  This  was  further  supported  by the  Full  Yogic  breath   and  which  helped  in the full  recovery.   Where  there  is  rattling  in the  bronchial  tubes  then  Antimonium  Tart   in the  6th  potency  has been  found to be   highly  beneficial  in the  clearing  of the  condition.

Under  the  circumstances  it  is  essential  to  improve  upon the  immunity  of  each  person   and  in the  event  a  person  was to be  stated  to be  COVID  positive  then  the  above  medicines  could be  taken under  the advice of a  good  homeopathic  practitioner. There  is  one aspect  of  COVID  virus  which  has  not  been  covered  hereinabove  and which is the  dip in  oxygen  absorption in the  blood  which  starts  to dip  to  92 and  goes  below  that  level.   In my  own case  the  deep  breathing  assisted  me  in keeping the  oxygen  level  at  97-99  level  through  the  yogic  pranayama.   However,   in the  case of  one  lady  patient  of  about  67-68  years  of  age,  was  suffering  from  slight  fever  for  about  3-4  days  and it was  advised  that she be  taken to  hospital  for  admission and  observation  and  treatment  as  advised  by the doctor. As  I  was  accompanying   her  she  asked   me  if there  any  homeopathic  remedy for   increasing  the  oxygen  level  in the  body  and  as I  was  carrying the medicine  I  immediately  gave  her  just  before  we  proceeded  to the  hospital.  The  name of the  medicine  is  Aspidosperma Q “ 10 drops  in  water.  When  we  reached  the  hospital  the  doctor  took  her  temperature  and the same  was  normal.  The  oxygen  absorption  level  was  indicating  97-98  which  prior  to this  at  home  was  indicating  92  in the  new  oxymeter  which  had  been purchased  by the  lady.  The  doctor  at the  hospital  suggested  that  she  should be  taken  back  home  and kept  under  observation  for  she  seemed to be  almost  normal.   She  was  brought  back  home and seems  to be  better.

While cosmetic surgery procedures have certainly gotten safer over the years, there is always a risk involved. This is why it is important to guarantee your health and safety as well as improve your chances for the perfect finished result. To ensure this, here are all the steps that you should take:

Look for Board Certified Doctors

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to look for a surgeon who is board certified. There are numerous requirements that doctors have to meet if they want to be certified by well-known organizations. This includes skill and years of outstanding practice.

Opting for someone like Dr.Zakhary, rhinoplasty surgeon who is double board certified can give you real peace of mind. Not only does this let you know that this doctor is talented and capable, but they have also performed countless successful surgeries.

Thus, you will be in good hands and are also more likely to get the results that you are after. It is a win-win situation!

How Many Years' Experience Do They Have?

Cosmetic surgery is like any other procedure “ the more practice that you get, the more that your skills can develop. This is why it is a good idea to always check how long a particular surgeon has been working for.

And, it isn't just about perfecting their skills, although this is important. A doctor who has been practicing for a long time will have the benefit of having worked with all types of patients. In turn, they will have learned the best way to approach and handle each case.

Such individuals will be far better suited to coming up with a plan and result that is perfectly suited to your face and body. In turn, the results won't just look better, they will also look a lot more natural as well.

Research Reviews

The good news is that it is fairly common for people to post reviews about their cosmetic surgeons. Therefore, with a little bit of research, you will have no problem finding out what a doctor is really like. This includes their manner, their skills, and their level of aftercare.

Another tactic can involve checking out the before and after pictures of a particular surgeon. For instance, if you visit the website of a practice such as Facialcosmeticsurgery.ca, you will be able to see a wide range of patients. This will show you the kind of skills your doctor is capable of.

Consider Your Comfort Level

Once you have done the necessary research, it is time to book a consultation. During this time, determine how comfortable you are with the doctor. Do they appear experienced? Are they answering all your questions? Do you have similar ideas for your eventual surgery?

It is important to think about whether or not you are comfortable with your potential surgeon. This will impact the entire treatment process, including how readily you will seek out help or assistance during the aftercare period.

These are all the ways to ensure that your procedure is as safe for you as possible. Thus, they are all steps that you should take.


Nobody enters into a business thinking about the workload or stress that comes with it. Primarily, people come into the business world to chase their dreams, fulfill a purpose, and make some cool, nice cash.

In reality, though, stress and challenges are a big part of the deal.

Every day you wake up, you're stressed. You go to work stressed. And you return stressed. Even when you decide to take a few days' break or go on a holiday, you still receive calls and demands from people at the office.

Perhaps, the stress is finally getting to you. And you’re wondering what you can do to beat it. You’re in luck; below are a few tips to help you handle the stress that comes with business management.

  1. Identify your stressors

There’s bound to be a particular challenge you’re facing at every point in time, and that’s probably what’s causing your stress. Instead of making general assumptions about your entire endeavors, pick out the one thing that’s giving you a headache.

It could be an underperforming employee, some machinery not working, a dishonest supplier, or a low turnover. Once you know what stresses you out, you simply appoint someone to handle it. In other words, you step out and let someone step in to handle it.

You’re the boss for a reason. And if you are good with your employees, then you shouldn’t have difficulty finding someone who will be happy to take the weight of stress off your shoulder.

  • Seek the counsel of trusted employees

I know it may seem ridiculous getting counsel from someone beneath you, but the truth is that sometimes others know things we don't know. Employee or not!

It could be that you’ve identified your stressor and found it to be a problem you have to tackle head-on before you can find peace. In such cases, it wouldn’t hurt to call in your most loyal employees and ask for their opinion on how to fix things.

Sometime last week, I read a post on Facebook about a boss who found out from his office messenger that he could buy web traffic to solve the company’s SEO issues. I’m pretty sure this employee couldn’t have been an SEO expert. But he probably heard about the possibility of buying web traffic somewhere on the internet and shared it with his boss.

  • Remember to celebrate every win

Business owner or not, it's the habit of humans to always focus on the things that are going bad for them and forgetting times when lines were falling in the right places for them.

Unfortunately, this habit is one of the reasons you can't seem to find happiness in your business life. By constantly focusing on everything that is behind schedule, things you still need to fix, or areas you’re falling short of, you’re never going to stay sane or find peace.

You need to constantly remind yourself of all your business accomplishments. If possible, make it a habit to list them on a paper and hang them somewhere in your office. Whenever you feel stressed about things not working out, simply take a look at your list.

Trust me; you’ll feel better afterward.

  • Always work out a schedule

As an entrepreneur, unexpected developments are a big part of the job. This is why it is important to always work with a planned schedule. Without carefully preparing a schedule of how your day should pan out, chances are you’ll always return home tired and stressed every day.

When you have a well-written schedule, however, you always know what to expect at work.

For example, if there's a tasky item to cross off your to-do list, you can thrash it out first thing in the morning. That way, even when unforeseen items come up, it will always be easy to manage them better.

Summarily, without a working schedule, you risk working haphazardly. And with that comes a huge possibility of stress.

  • Regularly purge your thoughts

There is really no fine line between home and work for entrepreneurs. Even when you're in your bedroom, you're probably thinking about stuff you must do the next day.

Unfortunately, this feeling of overload can cause you to be stressed, which is why it's always advisable to regularly purge your thoughts.

How do you do this? You simply make a rule never to think about stuff relating to work after blah blah blah hours (say 8 P.M.). Then, if any business-relating thoughts pop up in your mind, you simply pick up your notepad, jot them down, and go back to bed.

Don't worry, come the next day, you can always see to the thoughts.

  • Take breaks

Being an entrepreneur means you have the advantage of taking a break anytime you desire to. Regular employees can’t do that.

When you start feeling stressed about anything, it's advisable to take a break from the stressor and find something relaxing to do.

You could take a walk, grab a coffee or snack, or visit YouTube and watch some entertaining stuff.

When you do this, you break the cycle of stress and give yourself a clearer, calmer mind.

  • Commit to vacation time

Finally, never underestimate the power of vacations. Every once in a while, take a long break from work and visit serene environments to unwind and relax.

Various studies have already confirmed how helpful regular vacations can be. So don't get too engrossed in work that you become detached from seasonal vacation breaks.

health benefits of music

Music is like medicine in a box. If you are feeling frustrated and angry, listening to music can help you calm your spirit and release all those negative emotions. When you are trying to meditate, listening to music can help lower your blood pressure and hard rate, and allows you focus on your breathing. Research shows that by listening to music, you also improve the connections in your brain between your two hemispheres. You can actually become smarter, no matter how old you are. Music is a great way to relax and focus your way to better health, a cleaner home, and a more tranquil nature.

Music and Your Health

Have you been thinking about music and your health lately? You may have heard the Barnes Firm's TV commercial recently, and that catchy jingle stuck in your head. Your memory might continue to play that song in your head over and over. Even though earworms can be annoying, there are a lot of health benefits to listening to music. Here are some additional reasons you need music in your life to live healthier.

Music Allows You to Feel Your Emotions, Leading to Better Mental Health

Researchers who study music learned that by listening to different forms of music, people were able to really process their emotions fully. For example, if you are sad, listening to music that is also sad allows you to wade through sadness or grief, which is what needs to happen for you to get in a better place mentally. Listening to angry music helps you deal with anger, and happy music just makes you happier. The better you can process your emotions through music, the more likely you are to experience better mental health.

Calming Music Can Help with Stress Relief and Meditation

Buddhist monks have been using tonal chimes or gongs to focus their meditation skills. Many people use soft, tonal music, or calming classical music to help them focus and meditate. Meditation is one of the best ways you can reduce your stress level without the use of medication. In fact, many doctors suggest meditation as a way to naturally lower your blood pressure, sleep better, and relax your muscles. When you are feeling yourself getting upset over that driver who pulled out in front of you and then slowed to a crawl, or when you don't want to tell your toddler one more time he can't have a cookie for breakfast, turn on that calming music, and feel your muscles relax.

Classical Music Can Improve Your Concentration

If you need help with your concentration and memory, or you need to focus while you're studying or working, you may want to think about using classical music. Researchers have known for decades that listening to classical music helps with focus, concentration, and memory. In fact, you may have listened to classical music when you were a baby. Classical music is especially good when you are working on a large project that requires a lot of focus. When you need to really get some work done, turn on some great classical music.

Listening to Music Releases Natural Chemicals Into Your Body

Researchers noticed that when people listen to music, their brains do amazing things. First, listening to music causes your brain to release oxytocin, which has several functions in the body. First, oxytocin helps to reduce pain, which means listening to music can help control your aches and pains. Also, oxytocin helps you bond with friends and family. It is often found in large quantities in new mothers. When you listen to music with others, it can help strengthen your bonds of friendship or family ties.

Listening to music also releases dopamine into your body. Dopamine is a chemical that helps your body control movement. You are able to communicate more effectively as well. Dopamine allows you to feel calmer, at peace and lowers your blood pressure as well as your heart rate.

Music Makes Strenuous Tasks Easier There's a reason people work out to music. Researchers have found that listening to upbeat music makes physically hard tasks easier. Feel free to put on your favorite active music, whether it is EDM, 80s hair bands, disco, or funk, and get that workout done! Listening to upbeat music also helps housework, moving, fall cleaning, and wrapping gifts less of a job, and more of a party. Some people have specific upbeat music for specific chores, such as washing the car, waxing floors, or dusting. Don't be afraid to experiment!