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Why You Need a Home Water Filtration System

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Clean water is an essential aspect to so many parts of our everyday lives. We use water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning both our bodies and our homes. Despite the necessity of water, most people today use tap water. This type of water is usually safe to drink, but even the safest tap water can still contain bacteria, contaminants, and chemicals that would be better not to consume. That is why getting a home water filtration system or, if your system is due for a filter replacement, a whole house water filter replacement is a great move to start living a healthier overall lifestyle. Here are the top reasons why you need a home water filtration system.

1: Safer, Tastier Drinking Water

Everyone needs water every day to live, which is why getting the safest, tastiest drinking water should be a priority. When you get a home water filtration system, you're ensuring that you can avoid common contaminants that appear in municipal water supplies, such as lead, bacteria, and added chemicals. This will ensure that the water you drink is as pure as possible. Even harmless contaminants, such as dissolved magnesium and calcium, can give your tap water an unpleasant taste, so water filtration can encourage you and your family to be better hydrated. If you usually go with soda, sparkling water, or bottled water, you'll save money in the long run as well if you choose to switch to tap.

2: Environmental Benefits

The prevalence of bottled water also means that enabling yourself to choose tap water over bottled brings environmental benefits as well. Of the 50 billion plastic water bottles bought in the U.S. every year, only 38% on average are recycled. In addition, the manufacture, transport, and disposal or processing of recycled water bottles adds up to a massive environmental impact. Choosing to get a home water filtration system will allow you to minimize your impact on the environment, at least in this area.

3: Healthier Skin and Hair

Some contaminants present in unfiltered tap water, such as fluoride, chlorine, calcium, and magnesium, can have an adverse effect on your skin and hair. Fluoride and chlorine can exacerbate and even cause some skin conditions, especially in children, so getting a home water filter will reduce the irritation of conditions such as eczema and lower the risk of dry skin and acne. If you have hard water – that is, water with high amounts of minerals such as calcium – the effectiveness of your shampoo and body wash may be reduced, leading to further exacerbation of skin conditions and dull, flat hair.

4: Cost Savings

If you buy bottled water now, you'll immediately see big savings if you switch to tap water due to a home water filter. While the initial water filtration system is a bit of an investment, costing between $300 and $500, after that initial purchase you'll only need to replace the filter annually, which costs around $50. Even if you buy only 1 24-pack of water per month at $5 per pack, you'll still be coming out in the black, and most people who are properly hydrated will need to buy even more bottled water per month, especially if they have a family.

5: Reduce Disease Risk

Bacteria and microscopic parasites are filtered out at municipal water plants, but really there's no way of knowing if something has snuck into the pipes that carry your water from the plant and to your home. This means that having a water filtration system at the end point, your home, greatly reduces the risk for gastrointestinal diseases.