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Homeopathic medicines is a system of alternative natural medicine which have been used from curing cancer to Covid. You don’t have to take my word for it and can research Dr. P Banerjee’s ‘Banerji Protocol’ for in depth study and documentation in this field.

In this article one of the medicines I have discussed is Arsenic alb 30 which has been found effective against Covid 19. Continuing research in this regard is fascinating. You can also see a huge spike in search volume for homeopathy medicine last year.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine conceived in 1796 by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. The system is based on the belief that the body can cure itself.

The primary principle in homeopathy is ‘Like cures like’. When you come across a patient who shows certain symptoms then the job of a homeopath doctor is to identify the medicine which has symptoms identical to the ones which are reflected in the patient so that he could be cured of his malady. Consequently, questioning of a patient to help identify the actual symptoms becomes very important because at times a person himself does not realize the symptoms he is carrying. There are many skeptics and I encourage all of you to at least try homeopathy once before dismissing it. My journey with homeopathy started as a 21 year old when I was going through a chronic pain and took homeopathy medicines and was miraculously fine. I didn’t have to believe in it, but my body did. Here is another excellent read on Homeo Truths.

The Pandemic & Homeopathy

The Covid-19 virus was identified to have its origins in Wuhan, China, sometime at the end of 2019. It was alleged that it spreads through droplets when one sneezes or coughs, through air and via touching surfaces where the virus might have found its way. The Pandemic has paralysed the world.

The most common symptoms were “

a. fever

b. dry cough

c. tiredness

d. aches and pains

e. sore throat

f. diarrhea

g. headache

h. loss of taste and smell

i. a rash on skin or discoloration of toes and fingers.

In more serious cases the additional symptoms are “

i) difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath.

ii) chest pain or pressure.

iii) loss of speech or movement.

Since then there have been many mutated strains of the Covid-19 however, the above vital symptoms remain the primary concern.

The main attempt is to ensure that a person does not contract the virus. The Corona-virus has the ability to cause internal hemorrhaging in the lungs, leading to shortness of breath thereby a fall in oxygen absorption. In severe cases, individuals have to resort to medical attention, and/or otherwise stay at home in isolation if symptoms aren’t severe so that the body may recover fully in about 14 days time.

However, there are wonderful medicines in homeopathy which may possibly assist in boosting an individual’s immunity thereby preventing or curing a person from this virus more effectively and with fewer visible symptoms. This could shave off 3-6 days from the total recovery period depending on the individual.

Persons under observation were on some of the homeopathic medicines for longer periods of time and such persons have not contracted the COVID virus over the period from April 2020 and upto now in April 2021, even though some of them were living in Red zones. There is some statistically significant data on Ayush Ministry website.

Disclaimer: There is no author

It is absolutely essential for each individual and family members to maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene and have the option of taking the following preventive medicines “

  • Camphora 1M – one dose of 6 globules at around 6 am in the morning.

  • Arsenicum alb 30 – One dose of 6 globules at around one hour after lunch. You can take these two medicines for 15 days and give a gap of 7 days and it can be taken for a maximum of 3-4 month period. The dosage would depend on the individuals reactions to the medicines.

  • In the event that a person is having some fever and has intense body ache, headache and pain in the legs then such a person could also be given a combination of Eupatorium Q and ChinA Q in equal measure and this medicine could be taken along with the above medicines.

  • I f the person has breathing problems then such a person could be administered medicines such as Bryonia and Antimonium Tartaricum. However, these medicines should be taken under the guidance of a homeopathic medical practitioner.

With the above medicines and a few more one could overcome COVID in addition to the guidelines prescribed by the country of residence.

About the writer

A 64 year old Lawyer with a passion for Homeopathy and youtube videos.

As a 21 year old he became interested in this sphere of scientific discovery which is based on close observation of symptoms which appear on a body and impact the psyche. The holy grail of homeopathy books is the MATERIA MEDICA which was the first codified book that recorded these symptoms.

This close observation of human physiology has led him to be a practitioner and ardent believer in the power of Homeopathy.