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WeedSmart and BudgetBuds: Which One Is Better Online Dispensary


Marijuana, weed, pot, 420, puff, kush, hash, ganja, there are many names for the cannabis plant. This hemp plant has been in controversies for many decades and still many countries have banned it where tobacco and alcohol are legal to use. Many studies have shown that marijuana can be used to treat many health problems as its component called CBD has properties that can deal with chronic pain, cancer stem cells, anxiety, and the list goes on. With more studies and awareness about this hemp plant has led many governments to legalize cannabis use in their country. Many states in the US have legalized it for medicinal use while some states have gone for recreational and medicinal uses.

Canada becomes one of the first nations to fully legalized cannabis use in its territory according to the law established by the government. This is why the online weed market is booming. There are a number of online sites like Weedsmart, GetKush, BudgetBuds, and many more. But choosing a reliable site for you is quite difficult yet. The online weed market is still a new thing and Weedsmart is one of the most popular online dispensaries in the country. Here, we are going to compare BudgetBuds with Weedsmart so you can make your decision very clear while buying your next cannabis product online.


Both online dispensaries are already popular and they have many things similar.

Large Selection of Products “ Both sites, BudgetBuds and WeedSmart, have a large collection of cannabis products. They both have CBD products, edibles, vape, cannabis strains, and wax, concentrates, and many other things. So, the user will have a large choice when buying from these stores.

Large Community of Customers “ These online sites are popular among Canadians. Weedsmart has more than 50k customers while Budget Buds doesn't have that large community but still, it is trusted by many users.

High-Quality Standards & Testing “ The products on both sites are checked by the trusted labs. Such labs make sure whether the products available at the sites are up to the quality or not. So, users can buy products without worrying about quality.

Affordable Pricing “ If a seller has to sustain in the market then products should be at affordable rates. BudgetBuds and WeedSmart offer all of their cannabis products at affordable rates compared to other similar sites.

Frequent Deals & Promotions “ Deals and promotions offered by online shops boost the sales and this can also be noticed at these online dispensaries. Users will see weekend deals and many other promotions.

Free Express Shipping “ Both sites offer free shipping but the minimum purchase amount is different. Weedsmart offers free shipping at the purchase of $99 while BudgetBuds does the same at $250.


Mix & Match

Offering a wide selection of cannabis products is a good thing but the customer should also be able to try them all at an affordable rate. That is why this mix and match option is offered by some trusted online dispensaries.

WeedSmart offers this option. Customers can choose over 25 different strains on the purchase of 1 oz of premium mix and match. This is beneficial for users who want to try different products. Unfortunately, BudgetBuds doesn't have such an option yet so, buying multiple strains here would add more cost to the bill.

Free Gifts

At WeedSmart, customers would be getting an assured free gift on every purchase. Last time we checked, it was offering free fruits and vegetables. BudgetBuds is trying to provide some freebies to the customers with their offers but there is nothing like free gifts for the buyers.

Shipping Cost is A Big Thing

Both sites offer free shipping option but the shipping cost amount really make a big difference. Weedsmart delivers for free on the purchase of $99 but BudgetBuds require $250. So, there is a gap of $15o here and that is very high for a new customer who wants to try some new strains from a new online dispensary.


In our opinion, both sites have many similarities but the difference section shows Weedsmart has more advantages over BudgetBuds. We may assume that BudgetBuds may try to offer similar options in the future but right now Weedmart seems a better option for new as well as old cannabis buyers in Canada.