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The 5 Stages of Addiction Recovery

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Unlike what many people think it to be, addiction is an insidious disease that can affect someone. It develops differently depending on the type of drug you take. For instance, you may get addicted to a drug just after the first use or after long term use in other drugs.

Most drug addicts try to find a way out of their addiction and recover from it. While the stages of recovery may be the same, two addicts can also follow completely different paths to recovery. Here are the standard steps to addiction recovery;

Becoming aware of and acknowledging addiction

Awareness is a crucial stage of recovery that paves the way for the whole process. First, an addict must begin by realizing that there is a problem. There are two ways this realization can come about. First and most commonly, someone understands that they are in financial, legal or mental issues.

Secondly, a drug addict may realize there is a problem after speaking to family or friends who talk to them about their change of behavior. However, awareness is not enough; they have to acknowledge that they are not doing the correct thing and be ready to quit.

Consideration of the situation

It is another crucial stage toward recovery. An addict starts looking beyond their lives and begins to think how their decisions have affected not only them but family and friends too. It is considered the beginning of the action.

First, you may start seeing them attending drug and alcohol treatment programs. They begin to learn the impact of drugs and what they can do to prevent further damage to their lives.

It is an informational stage whereby the addict is learning more about their condition and how they can beat it, which is a step in the right direction.

Exploring and starting the recovery process

At this stage, an addict begins to seek guidance on treatment options. They look for advice from people who have been in similar situations before and try to seek help. All the information they seek at this stage concerns the recovery process.

Also, they shit to early recovery, and at this stage, they begin distancing themselves from drugs. It is probably the toughest stage of the recovery process. Addicts can quickly get back to their addiction if they do not establish a good foundation at this stage.

Actual recovery and maintaining the situation

After exploring recovery, they now enter a critical step that determines the direction their lives take. During this stage, they begin realizing that they need to put in a lot of effort to ensure they do not go back to drugs. They need to resist every temptation to get back to drug use and maintain a support system.

Although the whole journey may be difficult and a bit disturbing, the addicts begin to see the fruits of their decisions at this stage. They begin to see the far they have come and realize that it was not as much as they thought it would be.


Recovery does nho0t only involve stopping drug intake. It is both mental, physical and spiritual; and one cannot do it without friends and family. Also, drug education programs can help someone beat addiction.