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Determining the Eligibility to File a Paragard IUD Lawsuit

paragard IUD lawsuit

Has a member of your family or you experienced complications during C? You could be eligible to file a Paragard IUD lawsuit for seeking the deserved compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and other damages. 

When do you become eligible to file a lawsuit? 

After the injury, you may be wondering if you could pursue legal action against the entity or person who harmed you. With every situation being complicated and unique, you have a valid case. However, you would not be aware of it until you get a decent understanding of your situation. 

You need to get the following aspects into consideration:

  • Issued warnings about the risks involved with the implanted device 
  • Has the device been subjected to a safety alert 
  • Do you require hospitalization for treating an infection or surgically removing or repairing a perforated organ 
  • Are there any complications involved with the removal of the device 
  • Do you require removing the device earlier than anticipated 
  • What is the reason you started using this device against other available contraception methods 

Determine the liability in cases where defective medical devices are involved could be complex. Therefore, you require the assistance of an experienced lawyer. They should be ready and willing to answer any concerns or questions you might have during a free consultation. Learning more about your possible legal options would be in your best interest. 

What compensations are available for you? 

The compensation you look forward to recovering would be dependent on the details of your specific situation. Contact the experienced lawyers to discuss the possible value of your claim. 

You would come across numerous economic and non-economic damages that could arise in cases involving defective medical devices. 

  • Medical expenses 

These would be inclusive of doctor and hospital visits, ultrasound imaging, surgery costs, physical therapy, antibiotics for treating infections, and future medical expenses for covering ongoing care. 

  • Loss of wages 

It could be inclusive of profits or lost wages from the missing work due to an injury. It would also be inclusive of any possible future income that you could have earned if the injury had not affected your working ability. 

  • Pain and suffering 

You could be eligible for compensation for the pain, anguish, suffering, or loss of enjoyment due to the injury. You require legal assistance to calculate such damages. 

  • Loss of companionship 

In the event, the injury had a severe effect on your relationship such as a loss of a spouse partner, rest assured the damages would cover the loss of companionship or loss of support.