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Changing habits to boost your metabolism

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If you can improve your metabolism, it will help you tremendously is in your efforts to lose fat from your body. The following daily habits will help you to boost your metabolism. All you have to do is to follow these habits daily and you will see a spike in your metabolism which will ensure more fat loss.

Eat every three hours

Yes, to increase your metabolic rate, you will need to eat every three hours. The more often you eat, the faster your metabolic rate will be. The total calorie intake for the day is to be divided into three meals and you can add to healthy snacks in between the meals. It is very important that you eat something within an hour of waking up because otherwise your body will go into starvation mode. You can fix your schedule for your meals and snacks and follow the schedule exactly.

Drink a cold glass of water

When you drink a cold glass of water, it can help you to boost your metabolism. If you can drink eight is glasses of cold water every day, it will gradually increase your metabolic rate, which means you will be able to burn more calories and more fat. At the University of Utah, researchers found that drinking eight glasses of cold water helped the study participants to increase their metabolic rates in comparison to people who drank only four glasses of water.

Gain more muscle weight

If you can get more muscle weight, it will increase your metabolic rate. When you have more muscles, you need more energy to maintain them. For every pound of your muscle, your body will burn 50 calories just to maintain your BMR. You can build more muscles by exercising regularly and performing those workouts which help you to build more muscle. It will not only get your body in shape and make you look better, but it will also boost your metabolism, which will ensure that you are burning more fat and making your body excess fat free.

Consume more omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids are good for you when you are trying to increase your metabolism and lose fat. Omega-3 fatty acids are mostly available in fish oil and it has the capacity to increase your metabolic rate exponentially. Researchers of University of Ontario found that when you consume omega-3, it can this increase the fat burning enzymes in your body at the same time it can reduce stored fat from the body. If you take omega-3 supplement, the supplement can help you to burn an extra 400 calories every day.

Drink a cup of tea

Drinking a cup of tea will also increase your metabolic rate. It has been scientifically proven that tea has the capacity to boost your metabolism. Polyphenols are present in tea, which will help you by increasing your metabolism. It was found that green tea is effective but oolong tea is capable of increasing energy metabolism by 10%.

Get more sleep

If you stay very late at night, it may be the reason why your metabolic rate is low. Researchers found that if you are suffering from chronic sleep debt, it will negatively impact your endocrine function and carbohydrate metabolism. You need 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day to ensure that your metabolic rate is at a healthy level. So, doing all-nighters or saying late everyday maybe the reason why you have lots of fat in your body and you are not losing any fat or weight and do whatever necessary to ensure that you are getting the required amount of sleep every night.

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