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Strategies for better erection

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The following strategies will help you to have better erection. You will be ready when you need to perform.

Avoid the negative things

There are some negative things which can negatively impact your erection. Smoking is a very well-known cause of impotence and so you need to stop smoking. If you are a non-smoker, the chances of erectile dysfunction and other such problems will be much lower in your case. Smoking effects erection size, which means you may have a small of penis even when it's erected. You don't want that. Scientific studies have found that penises of smokers are significantly smaller than non-smokers. Smoking will also damage the blood vessels along with the penile tissues. If that happens, the tool will be less elastic and it will not be able to stretch much.

Stop your extramarital affairs

If you are having extramarital affairs, it is likely that you will have erection problems when you are with your wife. Doctors often ask patients with erectile dysfunction whether they are having any other affairs. When you have an extramarital affair, you are likely to feel guilty when you are with your wife and that guilt may stop you from having a good erection and perform better. Because of the anxiety that may result from such guilt, it may be very difficult for you to have a good erection.


Walking can help you to solve some of your erection problems. If you work just 2 miles every day, the rate of erection problems will reduce by half. But if you are a couch potato and you do not walk unless someone in say gun at your head, you are more likely to suffer from erection problems. Besides walking, you can also take up jogging. If you like 30 minutes of weight training will also help you a lot to keep away erection problems.

If there are deposits in the penile arteries, they can clog or stiffen the arteries, which will result in wilting of your erection. It means that if you exercise regularly, you will not only stay healthy and clean, but it will also help you to keep away your erection problems by making your penile artery linings cleaner, healthier and flexible.

Vasectomy is an option

If you suffer from anxiety or paranoia about a contraceptive failure, vasectomy may be option for you. Some people cannot perform because of the anxiety associated with a contraceptive failure. If you already have children you don't want any children in future, you can always go for vasectomy. If you had a birth control disaster, it may scare you and you will suffer from inability to get the necessary erection and to perform. If because of this anxiety, you are not able to perform when needed, it will in turn create a performance anxiety which will further complicate the problem.

Eliminate the fat

If you have diabetes, you are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and other related problems. More than 50% of all man will have diabetes are impotent. It enhances arterial disease and at the same time slows the transmission of stimuli in your body. It may result in a numb penis, which you definitely don't want.

If you can stay trim and slim, that will reduce the risk of diabetes. If you already have diabetes, you will need to check your blood sugar often and maintain it at a safe level.

If you are not able to control your diabetes and blood sugar, the possibility of erection problems increases. You may have the chance of 70% more erection problems.

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