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Tips for protecting your erection

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Erectile dysfunction is a very big problem especially when you age. But it is also seen in case of younger people. However, it is possible to avoid erectile dysfunction (ED). Let's find out how you can do that.


Be careful with your foods

You have to be very watchful of your diet. If your diet is not good or your heart, it will also not be good for you in relation to erection. Heart attacks happen because of restriction in the blood flow in the coronary arteries. The same eating patterns that result in heart attacks can also cause erectile dysfunction by restricting flow of blood to the penis. And why do you need the blood flow? You need good flow of blood to your penis for the erection.

If your diet consists of lots of fat, fried and processed foods and does not include fruits and vegetables, it's not a good diet for you because it can cause or is probably causing erectile dysfunction. Watch your foods and avoid some of them so that they cannot decrease blood circulation in your body.

Check blood pressure and cholesterol levels

If you want to get rid of erectile dysfunction, you will need to avoid high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Both high cholesterol and high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels which supply blood to the penis. After some time, it can result in ED. It is always possible for you to check your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. You can easily check blood pressure right at home using different devices which are available for home use.


If you find that your blood pressure or cholesterol levels of both our out of the range, you can immediately take medical help to get them back in the safe range.

Exercise regularly

A sedentary lifestyle is cause of many problems including erectile dysfunction. There are different forms of exercises that you can try which will not only help you to keep yourself healthy and fit but will also help you to prevent ED. Swimming, running and other aerobic exercises always help in prevention of ED.

However, while exercising you need to ensure that the perineum (the area between the anus and scrotum) is not getting excessive pressure because that may damage the blood vessels and nerves going to the penis. Bicycling is such a sport which may put lots of pressure on that area. That's why he should be careful and use the safety gear while indulging in this activity.

Check your weight

You need to maintain a healthy weight if you want to get rid of erectile dysfunction problem. If you're overweight, it will cause several health problems including diabetes and nerve damage in your body. If diabetes is affecting the nerves going to the penis and the nerves are damaged, then it can result in ED.

Stop drinking and smoking

If you are drinking or smoking you are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. If possible completely stop drinking and if it is not possible then at least do it in moderation. Even mild or moderate consumption of alcohol is bad for people suffering from ED or on the verge of getting it. Heavy drinking is associated with nerve damage and can also interfere with your hormone balance and that may result in ED.

If you smoke, you should stop smoking because smoking harms blood vessels and can result in lower blood circulation to the penis. And because of that erectile dysfunction may happen in your case.

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