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Organic sexual support supplement for men and women

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With age, it becomes difficult for men and women to achieve or maintain a penile or clitoral erection. People also experience diminished genital sensation and increasingly lack of orgasmic pleasure with age. You can take drugs but they have side-effects. In that case organic sexual support supplement can help you without causing any side-effects.

Blood flow

Blood flow is very crucial to sexual satisfaction. And flow of blood is related to nitric oxide production in your body. Similar to hormone production, nitric oxide production diminishes as you age.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator. It relaxes and dilates your blood vessels so that blood can circulate more easily and carry oxygen and nutrients out to the tips of your fingers and toes, to your brain, and also to the genitals.

Nitric oxide declines with age. It supports healthy blood pressure levels, cardiovascular and heart health and also increases circulation and healthy artery function. When you have more blood flowing to your genitals, the erectile tissues will be able to expand more easily. The blood flow to the genitalia is known as engorgement or tumescence.

The process of engorgement is the same in women and men. Women also have similar erectile tissue inside the genitals like men. In females it is known as the G spot or the clitoral structure and urethral sponge. The G spot is made of the same tissue as the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum in the male penis. It is very important to have a good blood flow to achieve engorgement both in men and women.

Nitric oxide relaxes the endothelium in your veins and thereby allows blood to flow easily throughout your body. If nitric oxide is low in your body, there will be less flow. If you keep your nitric oxide production stable as you age, it will increase your body's ability to send more blood everywhere you need it.

Citruline is good for you

That is why L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are very crucial for you. They work on the cGMP pathways in your body to produce nitric oxide. Citrulline is more effective at increasing nitric oxide synthesis. Even though they are good but lab made chemicals can be dangerous for you because they may contain pesticides that comes with the corn used for producing citrulline.

If you get the necessary ingredients in organic form, than there is no danger of any pesticides or other chemicals. L-citrulline is also similarly effective. It is named after watermelon Citrullus vulgaris from which it was first isolated. This ingredient sourced from organic watermelons and organic spinach which are fermented in tanks to produce citrulline. It means you are getting all the benefits of a plant-based citrulline.

Nitric oxide booster

If you want better sex lives even when you are ageing, you will need a nitric oxide booster. Your body cannot naturally produced more nitric oxide which is necessary for stimulation and engorgement. That is why you need a booster which can increase nitric oxide in your body which will result in more blood flow to the desired areas of your body. This is effective in case of both men and women. Nitric oxide boosters will also improve the health of your cardiovascular system.

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