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Get lean guide for women

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If you are a woman and you want to become lean, the following techniques will help you to do so.

Get more muscles

When you are exercising, do not focus on losing fat. Instead of that, you should always focus on getting more muscles. When you are trying to lose fat only, you tend to eat more calories after your workout is over. On the other hand, while you are trying to get strong or trying to build more muscle, you do not consume more calories than you. When you are trying to build muscles, you will perform exercises which will increase your metabolic rate and as a result you will burn more calories even after your workout is over. Such exercises will also trigger hormone release in your body that will help you to burn more fat.

Consume more protein

When you consume more protein, it will help you to build more muscle and at the same time will also help you to burn more fat. If you want to get lean, you will need to burn fat deposited in different parts of your body and build muscle at the right places. Protein is the building block of muscle tissue. You need to train hard to get lean and during such hard training, you will need more protein. Protein will help you by assisting in recovery and repair of your muscle cells. When you consume more protein, it will keep you satisfied for a longer duration. It has a thermic affect and that means your body will need extra energy for digestion of the protein. Your stored fat will be used for getting that extra energy.

Do not count calories

If you are obsessed about counting calories, it may actually derail to you efforts to get lean. If you are counting calories all the time, you will be under stress and anxiety. Your body will feel as if it is threatened and as a result it will release more cortisol in your body. If you reducing calories, then also cortisol level in your body will rise. When you have high cortisol levels in your body, you will crave for high carb foods and your body will start storing fat in your abdomen. Instead of worrying about calories, you need to focus on a high protein and lower carb diet because it will keep you satisfied for a longer duration and the protein will help you in muscle development, which will in turn help you to look lean.

Eat more vegetables

If you want to get lean, you will need to add more vegetables to your existing diet. Vegetables often contain less calories and their full of nutrients. They also have a thermic effect on your body and as a result you need more energy to digests them, which means you will be burning more calories while digests in the food. There are several benefits that vegetables can offer to you in terms of your health and fitness. At different colours in the form of different vegetables to your diet today and see the difference.

Do not reduce calories drastically

Even though magazines, articles and TV shows may tell you that to get lean you need to reduce calorie intake drastically you should not believe that. If you do that, you will jeopardise your efforts to get a lean body. This is a terrible approach. When you reduce your calorie consumption, your body will reduce your metabolism because it will consider the situation as a trigger for saving your fat reserves for the future. As a result, you will burn less calories every day.

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