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10 tips to become lean faster

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1. Interval training and high-intensity training

Interval training and high-intensity training really work and they can help you to look lean by burning fat faster and losing the extra weight. It helps you to lose extra calories better besides helping you to burn your fat.

2. Run more

To become lean, you need a good balance of weight training, diet and cardio. Cardiovascular exercises help you to burn excess body fat. Initially for the first 20 minutes during cardiovascular exercises, your body burns carbohydrates but after that starts burning stored body fat.

3. Start lifting weights

If you haven’t started already, you should go to the gym and start lifting weights. Lifting weights will help you to burn more fat. Training with weights will help you to increase lean mass. If you have bigger muscle cells, the higher will be fat burning.

4. Yoga

Yoga will not only help you to breath deep and relax, but it will also help you to feel better and healthier. Besides that, it will also help you to stay fit and lose fat. Stress contributes to abdominal fat. Yoga can help you to eliminate stress and fat from your life and the benefits are long-lasting. Besides, you’ll also be relaxed and enjoy your life.

5. Pick a sport

Pick a sport that you like. It is not only a fun way but is also an effective way to burn extra calories, reduce the fat and become lean. When you play any sport, you engage in cardio and non-linear movement such as jumping, paddling, stepping etc. It is always healthier than jogging. It is also fun and so it doesn’t bore you. All you have to do is take part in sport and play with 100 percent effort to get the results.

6. Track your progress

If you want to get lean faster, you need to track your progress. By tracking your progress, you’ll be able to find out what is working and what is not working and focus on the effective methods. It will help you to see the fruits of your labor. You can also share your photos, because that will not only motivate you but will also help your friends.

7. Try CrossFit

CrossFit has become a craze in the fitness world. The benefits of this specific method have been proven over and over. CrossFit can really help you to get lean and shred your muscles. It will test your physical abilities and the different types of exercises will help you to develop each and every part of your body. It will completely eliminate fat from your body and will also help you to burn the extra calories.

8. Eat more home-cooked meals

If you want to get lean faster, you need to eat more home-cooked meals. Do not eat out more.  You will not find about all the ingredients used in the food in the menu. Neither will you find about the calorie content of the dishes. But when you cook at home, you know what you have put in animal also be able to know the calorie values of each and every product. You can also control the amount of other fat increasing elements like oil, butter etc. used in preparation of the food.

9. Drink more water, reduce soda and alcohol

When you drink more water, your body will not store water which it does in case of water deficiencies. What keeps you healthy and active and at the same time does not add any calories to your body. Soda and alcohol, on the other hand, add more calories, sugar and fat to your body.

10. Eat more fish

Eating more fish is good for you when you’re trying to get lean. It helps you to maintain your metabolism and fat burning rate’s.


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