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5 sure ways to get lean

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Train on an empty stomach

Even though common knowledge says that you need to eat within 30 minutes before a workout, and fuel yourself up with 20 g of protein along with carbs, it may not work for you if you’re trying to get lean. Instead of that, you can skip the pre-workout meal. Doing that will help you to burn more fat. Previous bodybuilders who knew about it followed this routine when they worked out. Morning is the best time to workout to burn more fat because you have already fasted all night and your blood sugar is low. If you cannot workout on an empty stomach, you can eat something easily digestible. You can eat an apple, a whey protein shake or an orange before you start working out.

Don’t eat immediately after your workout

The conventional knowledge says that you need to eat within 30 minutes of your workout. However, this may not be correct if you want to become lean. When you eat after your workout, you tend to eat more. Also the glycogen level is not as depleted as you think during your workout. After workout, we become hungry and so we tend to overeat because of the compensatory mechanism we have in our body. Calorie overload will not help you to become lean. When you do not eat after your workout, your body will break the fat cells for the necessary repair and energy.

Recheck the refined carb intake

If you’re not getting the results you want, probably it’s time to check the refined carbs you are eating. The hormone insulin is responsible for weight gain and carbs have the most direct affect on it. On the other hand, protein has just a minor effect and fat has zero effect on insulin. So, instead of replacing the good fat and proteins with sugars, grains and high carb foods, it is more important for you to eat the necessary saturated fats and reduce the carb intake.

Manage your stress

If you want to become lean, you will need to learn to manage your stress. A study done by the University of San Francisco found that rats which are raised in high stress situations use more fatty and sugary foods. Such foods have a calming effect on the brain of the rats because they limit the release of stress-related hormones. Stress hormones ask your body to store fat in different parts. To reduce stress, you can always try medication because it will help you to reduce cortisol and blood pressure levels.

You can also try different stress relieving activities such as deep breathing while sitting, volunteering, playing with your pet, walking or making love.

Do not avoid saturated fats

Even though the experts will always tell you that you should avoid fats, you actually need fats when you’re trying to become lean. You need both saturated and unsaturated fats to remain healthy and become lean. Fats will help you by nourishing your skin, hair and nails. It also offers the foundation for hormones like testosterone. You don’t have to add more fat to your diet but you should always eat the fats naturally occurring in different foods. However, you should always avoid trans fat. If possible it is very good for you to avoid restaurant food when you’re trying to become lean. In restaurants, they keep using the same oil over and over again, which is harmful to your health and it contains trans fat. If you’re always using vegetable oil and do not use any other oil, it may result in inflammation in the body and may cause other problems as well.