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Important facts about metabolism and fat loss

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You need to understand about metabolism if you want to lose fat. There are some important facts which will help you to understand the relationship between metabolism and fat loss.

Resting metabolic rate is more important

Resting metabolic rate or RMR is more important in relation to weight loss. RMR is the number of calories you burn while sitting around. To find the accurate RMR, you will need to go for a calorimeter test. If you have a high RMR, it will be possible for you to burn more calories even when you are resting and thereby lose fat and prevent fat storage in different parts of your body.

Eating more protein may boost your metabolism

If you are eating more protein, that may boost your metabolism. There are some super foods which can improve your metabolism. When you consume more protein it will help you to burn more calories. Scientific studies found that people who consume more protein often have higher RMRs. You can choose lean proteins like chicken and fish and consume smaller amounts throughout the day to get the maximum benefit.

More muscle means higher metabolism

If you want to burn more fat and calories, you need to have more muscle. If you try to build more muscle, in that process you'll be able to burn more calories going in to your body. That will help you to avoid fat storage. Scientific studies found that if you go for strength training which helps you to build more muscles in your body, it increases resting metabolic rate by 5%. That means, when you are building muscle at the same time your body was burning more calories and preventing fat storage.

Simple carbs can lower metabolism

If you consume more simple carbs, they can slow down your metabolism. If you are trying to lose fat, you need to avoid doughnuts and sodas and other simple carbohydrates like crackers and white bread. When you eat simple carbohydrates, your insulin levels rise and that can encourage the body to store the sugar for later use and that sugar is stored as fat in your body. On the other hand, if you choose high quality carbohydrates like vegetables, beans, fruits and legumes along with whole grains, then not bad for you, rather they will help you to improve your health and also do not have any negatives effects on your fat loss efforts.

Different health conditions can influence metabolism

This is a no-brainer. Different types of health conditions and problems can influence your metabolism. If you have hypothyroidism, you will find it difficult to lose weight. When you have that condition, your body will not make enough thyroid hormone and you will not be able to lose fat and weight. On the other hand, if you are suffering from Graves' disease, your body will produce too much thyroid hormone and that can cause dangerous weight loss. There are other conditions which may also affect your of fat loss efforts.

You're eating pattern may decide your metabolism

How much and when you are eating may affect your metabolism. If you are skipping meals in the morning and early part of the day but having a big dinner, it may negatively impact your metabolism. If because of your eating pattern levels of insulin increases in your body, it can cause metabolic dysfunction.


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