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Foods that are stopping you from losing weight

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Belly fat is the hardest to lose and it can be more difficult for you if you are eating the wrong foods. So let's find out what are the steps you should not eat when you want to lose belly fat.

Fruit juice

If you are drinking fruit juice instead of eating fresh fruit, this may be one of the reasons why you are not losing your belly fat it is always better to have a glass of freshly squeezed juice instead of a packaged fruit juice. Consuming fruits is far better than drinking fruit juice. Fruits come with so many health benefits but when you juice it, you are losing the fibre and leaving sugar behind. When you buy packaged or bottled juice, you are definitely drinking added sugar. It is always better for you to the whole fruit because it will ensure that you get the nutrients as well as the fibre and that will help you to maintain a healthy gut microbiome. If you want a really healthy, filling snack, you can always have an Apple and you can also dip it in protein-rich peanut butter to get more out of it. You can also have a fruit salad as a snack whenever you hungry.

Processed meat

When you consume processed meat, you increase the risk of piling up more fat to your waist line. When you consume bacon and burgers, you need to know that they are not good for your waistline and also for your overall health. Processed meats can also be inflammatory and they can cause different types of inflammation in the body. They will also add a layer of fat around the gut. Instead of processed meat, you can always go for oily fish like Salmon, which is good for your heart health as they provide omega-3 fatty acids.

Ice cream

Instead of ice cream, you can always have Greek yoghurt. You should always be wary of the free sugar available in different foods. We often crave for a combination of fat and sugar, but for your own good, it is better to ditch sugar and find a healthy alternative. There are many healthiest sugar alternatives available such as Greek yoghurt. You can have Greek your with grated apple and a pinch of cinnamon. Instead of your ice cream tub, you can have a bowl of frozen yoghurt with cinnamon and berries.


Crisps are definitely very tasty and a little bit of that may not cause much harm but if you're eating a big family pack each and every time you lay your hands on it, maybe it is time to change a habit. If possible it is always better to completely stop buying them because they are often packed with salt. When you consume more salt, it will increase the risk of bloating. At the same time they also contain high levels of saturated fats and you don't want them in your body because they will cause many health problems.

You can always eat nuts instead. They are full of protein and good fats and they will keep you full for a long duration. It will also help you to improve the quality of your diet without putting on any extra weight. It will reduce your risk of weight gain. However, you should be careful about the quantity you're consuming because they are pretty high in calories.

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