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How to achieve long-term weight loss

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If you want to achieve long-term weight loss, it is possible to do so in two stages. These stages will help you to lose more fat for a long time. Let's find out more about them.

Stage 1 metabolic hormone recalibration

In the first stage, you will need to help your body to recalibrate the metabolic hormones leptin and cortisol. It is possible to achieve that in 2 to 3 weeks.

When we age, the metabolic hormones present in the body may become unbalanced. This happens more in case of people who consume unhealthy comfort foods. Such imbalance can result in cravings and the person may eat more to feel satisfied. Such imbalance will also result in slower metabolism with lower energy levels.

That is why recalibration of the metabolic hormones becomes necessary. With the recalibration of metabolic hormones, you will see changes like the portion size will decrease as you will need less food to feel full. Your energy levels will also increase significantly because of more activity.

Stages 2 sustained, safe and consistent weight loss

In the second stage, you will be able to achieve sustained, safe and consistent weight loss. This second stage will start after the first stage. Once your metabolic hormones are rebalanced, there are some ways which can help your body achieve sustained weight loss. Some important dietary supplements can help you to do so. Such supplements will help you in achieving sustained weight loss in four different ways-

  • The supplement will make cravings disappear and will lower calorie intake
  • The supplement will improve metabolic efficiency which will help you to burn more calories at rest
  • such supplements will boost energy levels and will also increase physical activity
  • the supplement will prevent new fat from forming as your body will now have a more efficient digestive system

Rev up your metabolism

If your metabolism is not in the right state, it can create different problems for you. It may make you sluggish and increase cravings for foods that are not good for you. Your metabolism or your metabolic rate is how quickly your body is burning calories. If you have a slower than normal metabolism, you will see lots of negative side-effects like fatigue, mood swings, food cravings and difficulty losing weight.

However, a slow metabolism is not permanent and you can make changes to your metabolism using dietary supplements or by changing your diet and lifestyle. It is possible to rev up your metabolism and feel better every day.

Hormones are important

hormones to everything in your body and they determine almost everything right from your growth, mood and behaviour, digestion and fertility and that is why you should be very careful about the hormones.

Rebalancing your hormones is very important so as to ensure that the efforts you are putting in to lose weight can really help you. If you do not rebalance your hormones, even after trying too hard by exercising and managing your diet, it may be very difficult for you to lose weight and after some time you will not have the motivation to continue the effort any more. When you combine exercise and proper diet along with rebalancing of your important hormones, you will see excellent results.

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