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Walk to lose weight

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Can walking help you lose weight? How much weight can you lose by walking? Is it really effective?

Eating right is very crucial for weight loss but, consistent exercise may also help you lose the extra weight that you're carrying around. If you're not ready for the gym or some high-intensity interval training (HIIT), then you can always start walking to shed the extra pound. Walking can also help you get and stay in shape. Let's find out how walking can help you lose weight.

Curb your cravings by walking

Whenever you have a craving for something which is not good for you, you can take a walk. If you're thinking about chocolate, cake, or pastry or you feel like eating salty snacks, you can simply get up and take a walk. Go to a park, a local track, or around your neighborhood and after some time you're craving will disappear. Scientific studies found that a brisk stroll may temporarily reduce cravings.

If you can curb your cravings, it will save you from adding more calories to your body. That means you do not have to burn extra calories. It will also help you achieve a calorie deficit easily, which will help you lose extra body weight and fat.

Walk faster

Walking at a regular stride will not help you burn many calories. But walking faster can help you. Alternate your regular walking pace with intense 1 to 3-minute intervals. Your speech should be such that you find it difficult to talk while walking. After walking for 3 minutes, you can slow down to your regular pace for a minute or more to recover.

Then repeat. Do this as often as you can and as long as you want to.

When you keep varying your intensity of walking, it will help your body to burn more categories. The exertion that you feel by walking fast and then slow will dramatically increase the calorie burn during your walks.

Make walking interesting

You can make walking interesting by making some minor changes. If you are walking regularly, you need to focus on a few tools that can help you lose weight by walking.


More frequency will help you lose more body weight by burning more calories. If you feel that walking is not helping you to lose weight, or you're not losing as much weight as you wanted, you can add one more session of walking to your week.unfamiliar terrain


Once you add more walking sessions, you can start walking in different terrain. Try some hills for walking because it will make your work a little harder. Uneven terrain and hilly areas will force you to put more effort while walking and that will help you burn more calories. Walk as fast as possible. The speech should be such that you find it difficult to talk like you normally do.


For each session, walk a little longer. If you have been walking for 30 minutes, you can add 10 more minutes to your walk every day. By doing that, you'll be able to put in 70 minutes of extra exercise. The extra minutes you walk will help you burn some extra calories.