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Healthy Foods For Better Digestion and Metabolism

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Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

A balanced diet is essential in order to optimize our health and to reduce the risks of getting diseases. There are many healthy choices out there that can provide the essential nutrients that our body needs in order to promote better digestion and enhanced metabolism to lose fats and maintain an ideal weight. How you manage your food intact can significantly affect your weight management process and improve your general well being and mood. Eating a poor diet every day can promote an unhealthy digestive system and promotes fatty buildups that are risks to chronic diseases like heart problems, cancer and stroke. If you ultimate goal is to keep your body healthy for better digestion and tone down the fatty buildup from your body, here are some of the food essentials that you should include in your diet.

Caffeine in coffee

There are many health benefits that can be derived by caffeine intake. Apart from being a stimulant, coffee can help promote a better digestive system owing to its laxative effect. The process involves the release of gastric juices in the stomach that enhances the digestive process. Even decaffeinated coffees are known to have an enhancing effect on digestion. Coffees can also help stimulate the burning process of fats in the body while increasing the body's metabolic process. Coffee is known to prevent gallbladder diseases too but too much intake beyond the recommended amount can also pose some potential risks to stomach pain and intestinal injuries resulting to gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Catechins in Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins which is a compound that can increase digestion of foods in the stomach. It is also known as a stimulant that increases the body's metabolic activity that facilitates in the effective burning out process of calories. Research studies reveal that catechins is responsible in the weight loss effects when drinking green tea and it is also responsible for burning fats faster and more effectively as it burn out the body calories. Green tea can help reduce the risks of chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Grains and cereals

Cereals and grains as part of your daily diet can help promote a better digestion because they are packed with loads of fiber content that is gentle on your stomach for digestion and absorption. They are also referred to as chewy foods that make your mouth work harder that consequently speeds up your calorie burn by about 10% owing to its thermic effects.


 Cinammon is a good food source that uses the body sugar to convert it into energy. It is rich in iron, calcium, fiber and manganese that help keep the digestive system healthy. It is also used to alleviate the symptoms of bloating, diarrhea and indigestion. A cinnamon a day will help reduce the bad cholesterol level in the body and helps to prevent the formation of cancer cells and stomach ulcers. It can effectively regulate the blood sugar level and manage to increase the insulin production in the body that consequently affects the metabolic process in digestion. It is likewise effective in processing carbohydrates in the body which effectively helps reduce abdominal fats.

Spices and herbs

There are herbs and spices that are known to aid the digestion and metabolism process of the body. These are considered to be healthy spices and herbs that stimulate the digestive system like ginger that is capable of stimulating digestion through salivation. It has a laxative effect that can soothe a stomach upset. The antimicrobial properties of garlic can also promote a healthy gut and it has anti-viral properties too that prevent digestive infections. Black pepper, oregano and horse radish also have similar benefits to the digestive system of the body.

Vegetables and fruits

Eating fiber rich foods like fruits and vegetables help the body to easily eliminate toxic waste products from the body. The high fiber content on them makes a person feel fuller which is effective in discourage one from eating too much. They are easily digested from the stomach and it also increases the body's temperature that improves to increase the metabolic process in the body. Fibers are also prebiotics that help the healthy bacteria from the stomach to thrive better and fight potential harmful infections. High fiber content in our diet also decreases the risk for the occurrence of gastroesophageal reflux and irritable bowel disorder.

Fiber rich fruits that aid in digestion and metabolic process

healthy foods for better digestion

Fiber promotes a healthy digestive system

  • Berries

Berries are very high in antioxidant levels and are helpful in fighting out various forms of cancers and heart diseases. The most common berries that can help in controlling appetite and aids in the fast digestive process are blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. They are rich in fibers too, that helps to easily eliminate unwanted fats from the body. Wild berries are popular in reducing the risks to metabolic syndrome which is a constellation of risk factors consisting of dyslipidemia, glucose intolerance, obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension, and inflammation.

  • Citrus

Citrus fruits are very effective in detoxifying the body and in promoting better bowel movement and eliminate body toxins including fat elimination. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lemon and limes are excellent food sources for easy digestion and smooth metabolism in the body. They are low in calories and it contains pectin that allows for the gentle intestinal absorption of food that increases the feeling of fullness in the stomach that helps in reducing one's food intake.

  • Watery fruits

There are special food groups of fruits that are high in their water content. These are honey melon, cantaloupe and watermelon that supply the body with proper hydration that is essential for a health digestion process. Its adequate supply of water to the body helps in the easy excretion of body wastes and eliminates the fats and toxins out of the body more easily.

It is best to start planning for a balanced meal now and make sure to include foods that will keep your digestion healthy.